Artist Interview: Phil Keaggy on The Jamcast - Session 3 Print
Thursday, 07 June 2007 19:28
pk_new promo 1.jpgIn Session 3 of GJD's Artist Interview with Phil Keaggy, Ken Volpe and Phil discuss his early instrumental albums Beyond Nature and The Wind and The Wheat, and where those albums sit with him today. Next, they jump into the process of writing music on the acoustic guitar and how Phil deals with writing blocks. He also covers where he finds the inspiration to compose and moves on to talk about his two new instrumental albums coming out this year. Lastly, they riff on his approach to improvisation and phrasing on the guitar.

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Fun Fact: Rumors have followed Keaggy for years that Jimi Hendrix had supposedly named him as his answer to the question Johnny Carson asked him, "who is the best guitarist in the world?" while making an appearance on The Tonight Show. Another version of the story goes something like, "Jimi, how does it feel to be the world's greatest guitar player?" To which Jimi supposedly replied, "I don't know, you'll have to ask Phil Keaggy!" which according to some was from an interview in Rolling Stone or Guitar Player Magazine.
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