Artist Interview: Johnny Hiland on The Jamcast - Session 1 Print
Friday, 05 October 2007 08:38
jhiland.jpgIn this edition of our Artist Interview, GJD's Ken Volpe spends some quality time with guitar phenom Johnny Hiland. If you haven't heard Johnny Hiland play, then you've been missing some of the best guitar playing on the planet. Although mostly known for his prodigious country guitar chops, Johnny's ability allows him to play rock, funk, blues, jazz, even metal with complete authority and authenticity. In session 1, Ken and Johnny discuss his start as a guitar player at the age of three years old and how he took the instrument right away. Coming from a musical family, Johnny talks about how was out playing shows from the age of 7 making TV appearances, playing gigs, family shows and more. Next, Ken and Johnny talk about his handicap and how it has impacted his life - you'll simply be inspired by his story. Lastly, Johnny talks about his guitar heros and how they motivated him to excel on the guitar.

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