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Friday, 16 November 2007 04:52
silverchair-jpg.jpgSilverchair is one of the most acclaimed and successful bands in Australia. Frontman singer/guitarist Daniel Johns has led the rock act since the mid-nineties and has propelled the act into superstardom at home in Australia and in the U.S. In this session of the Jamcast, Daniel took some time out his busy tour schedule to catch up with us and tell us about what's going on with his music and his guitar playing. He talks about the early influences who helped shape his guitar sound, as well as the players today who inspire him. Daniel also tells us about how the guitar plays into his songwriting, and continues on how his sound and writing has evolved over the years. Lastly, Ken and Daniel discuss the guitars and amps that he uses on stage and in the studio.

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About: Silverchair are one of the most acclaimed and successful bands in Australia. The group's members were all born in 1979 in the Newcastle surf suburb of Merewether. Singer/guitarist Daniel Johns and drummer Ben Gillies started making music together at primary school and schoolmate Chris Joannou later joined on bass. They got their big break in mid-1994 when they won a national demo competition conducted by SBS TV show "Nomad" and Triple J. Silverchair's debut album "frogstomp", recorded in just nine days in early 1995, was a raw sounding slab of alternative rock. A #1 hit in Australia and New Zealand the disc went on to become the first Australian album since INXS to hit the U.S. top 10, selling more than 2.5 million copies throughout the world. As "frogstomp" and "Tomorrow" propelled silverchair to music superstardom through 1996 the group juggled memorable performances on the roof of Radio City Music Hall and tours with Red Hot Chili Peppers alongside full time schooling commitments back home in Newcastle.

Daniel John's on Silverchair's sound and thier new album Young Modern:

"It took me a long time to realize that the sound Ben, Chris and I make when we play my songs is something special", says the Silverchair frontman. "I've been thinking a lot since we finished the album about where this fits into the other stuff we've done. The way I see it the first album was naivety, the second one was anger, the third one was depression and the last one was escapism. Young Modern is all about acceptance. It's about embracing who we are as band and just really enjoying ourselves because that's all that really matters. Hopefully listening to this album will make other people feel what we feel when we play these songs together because I've finally figured out that that's a very special feeling."