Artist to Watch: Trey Alexander on The Jamcast - Session 1 Print
Thursday, 14 June 2007 19:09
whitecoat.jpgIn this edition of Artist to Watch, Ken Volpe sits down with Guitar Player Magazine's Guitar Hero 2006, Trey Alexander. In Session 1, Trey talks about his early musical influences from Jimi Hendrix to Steve Vai and how they inspired him to pick up the guitar. In a very touching portion of the interview, Trey talks about his Dad who became his ultimate hero and influence on his life. Trey talks about how his father's unwavering support sealed his commitment to the guitar. You'll also hear the special words from father to son that moved him forward and the tragic events that came shortly after - and changed Trey's life forever. One thing you will discover in this interview, Trey Alexander's success in life runs far deeper than just his skills on the guitar.

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About: Trey Alexander has been playing guitar for only 8 years. Hear him play and you'll think this Guitar Hero has been playing for decades. Trey first picked up the guitar at fifteen years old. He had never before played an instrument, but from his speed in learning the guitar it was clear he had an ear and a gift for music. Before long, Trey recorded his first album in 2000, the self-titled The Trey Alexander Band. He went on to establish a more fusion-based progressive band known as Sonic Lux. In September of 2006, Trey entered Guitar Player Magazine's Guitar Hero competition and beat out thousands of guitar players for the title. Currently, Trey teaches guitar and works with over 80 students a week. His main motivation is to share his love for music with others. When he is not teaching, he can be found working in his studio on his next full-length album. We're leaving room because there is much more that will go into Trey's "about" section - he's a true "Artist to Watch."

Watch his winning performance at GP's Guitar Hero 2006 competition