Artist to Watch: Trey Alexander on The Jamcast - Session 2 Print
Friday, 10 August 2007 07:45
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In our second 'Artist to Watch' session with Trey Alexander - Guitar Player Magazine's 2006 Guitar Hero - Ken and Trey talk about his approach to practicing and improving his guitar playing. They move on to discuss some of Trey's guitar heros and what it's been like to meet and spend time with guitar Gods such as Satch, Vai, Govan, and others. Next, they take a deep dive into Trey's music and his current band, and the development of their latest CD. Lastly, Trey talks about the process of applying, competing and the total experience of the Guitar Hero Competition.
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About: Trey Alexander has only been playing guitar for only 8 years. After hearing him play you would think he has been playing for decades. Trey first picked up the guitar at fifteen years old and had never before played an instrument before that time. Before long, Trey recorded his first album in 2000, the self-titled The Trey Alexander Band. He went on to establish a more fusion-based progressive band known as Sonic Lux. In September of 2006, Trey entered Guitar Player Magazine's Guitar Hero competition and beat out thousands of guitar players for the title. Currently, Trey is teaches guitar and works with over 80 students a week. His main motivation is to share his love for music with others. When he is not teaching, he can be found working in his studio on his next full-length album. There is much more that will go into his "about" section in the future - he's a true "Artist to Watch"