Artist to Watch: Goran Ivanovic on The Jamcast Print
Sunday, 11 March 2007 18:44
In this edition of The Jamcast, GJD’s Ken Volpe spends some time with Artist to Watch Goran Ivanovic - a guitar virtuoso noted for his lightning-fingered finesse and his complex interpretations of even the simplest melodies.

Ken spoke with Goran about his early training as a Classical guitarist, life growing up in Bosnia, and about crossing over from Classical to improvisational music.

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About Goran Ivanovic: Goran Ivanovic from Croatia is a talented jazz guitarist. A solid bandleader who surrounds himself with American musicians, Ivanovic embraces his traditional Balkan folk music overtly. He plays hot. The Goran Ivanovic Group offers up fire rather than ice, and the guitarist’s amalgamation of flamenco, Balkan, classical, blues, and jazz keeps his band pushing forward almost all of the time on his eponymous album.