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Thursday, 25 June 2009 14:32
Hello Friends and Fans,

Prashant Aswani here and I wanted to introduce myself and tell you about a series of new columns that I will be writing for GuitarJamDaily featuring some of my specialties.  On the menu we have:

1.    Production: Making an album from beginning to end.  Creating an initial concept or genre.  Making a harmony into a fully developed song with a hook and melody that leave the listener wanting more. Creating parts that give continuity to the rhythmic groove.

2.    Tone search:  Finding that perfect lead tone that fits the song.  Isolating frequencies so the tone cuts in a mix.  Exploring pedals and amps and guitars and pickups and mic pres.

3.    Aswani Technique:  Exploring my personal technique to playing rhythm and soloing.  Hybrid and picking techniques will be discussed.

4.    Impact Soloing:  My signature approach to improvising.  Using different chordal substitutions and scales to create a vibe.  Also developing motifs to have continuity in the solo.

5.    Composition:  Take a look at arranging instrumental tunes to keep them interesting without losing the direction.  Writing a melody that can be sung and also keeping the groove alive!

At the moment I am finishing up a new solo album.  Rhonda Smith (Prince) is on Bass.  Joey Heredia (Tribal Tech, Steve Lukather) is playing drums.  Abhijit Banerjee is playing Tabla.  Brett Garsed and Rob Caggiano from Anthrax have featured guitar solos.   I am very excited about this new album.  The Indian influences are everywhere and I am producing this one in its entirety.  

Recently, I have been working in my new studio at the Steakhouse.  The Steakhouse is Steve Lukather’s studio.  I finished recording a track with legendary drummer Steve Gadd and Bobby Kimble from Toto.  I have been producing instrumental demos for up and coming artists as well.

Check out some videos at the links below:

1. Traffic Jam – Digitech Live 2009
2. X-Tone Demo for ESP Guitars
3. “Rugburn” – Live in Australia 

Here are some links to my sites: