Adventures in Guitar with Ronny North: Being Signed, It's a Whole New World!!!! Print
Tuesday, 27 March 2007 05:04
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Well after signing my new record deal the real work begins. I’ve been going non-stop everyday since the deal went down between meetings with Mike from the record company and tons of phone calls back and forth to everyone involved. So much work goes on when you’re getting ready to put out a new CD on a record label. There’s designing the new CD cover and layout - my assistant Karen does all that stuff. Then there’s all the promo stuff with lots off press for me to do, and of course planning the tour to promote the CD. It’s been a lot of work.

Add to this we also got a new drummer. So far everything has been going smooth. Did I mention the meetings for my new video I’m doing??? It’s going to be so cool - more on that later.

The thing I have really been noticing is now everyone is watching me. I now have to watch everything I say and do in public and if you know me you know that’s a VERY tall order. On that note, that also means that I have to look good whenever we go anywhere from now on. My girlfriend and I recently went shopping at a local mall completely dressed down, I was unshaved and a little grungy looking. Well, of course people were recognizing me and I looked horrible, even though I was comfortable. Just one of the things you have to keep in mind now.

It really has been fun doing all the press. But there have been a couple glitches. On a recent radio interview I went off a bit on the air on a certain artist in the industry on how he treats people. And of course Mike from the record company yelled at me -LOL!! Oh well, I survived.

Of course the radio station loved it and now wants me back on again – LOL!

The real change has been that when we go out to clubs people now treat me completely differently. It’s sort of weird. I am exactly the same as I was before my deal yet it’s all different out there. I always like meeting everyone and now lots more people come up to us when we’re all out and other people just sort of stare. It’s definitely a trip.

I’ve also been signing way more autographs when we’re out. I am by no means complaining about any of this since I have worked my whole life to get here. I’m just pointing out how life changes after you get in the public spotlight a bit. I’m just so used to not being appreciated for what I do and all of a sudden everyone is not only aware of what I do but are now fans as well. Totally bizarre!!
I’m also now starting to hear from people I haven’t talked to in ages. It’s all just beginning.

Now I have to live up to the hype. This weekend I’m playing a guitar clinic for Guitar Center on Friday and on Saturday I’m doing my first show since I’ve been signed. I just found out that it looks like the show is going to sell out - definitely crazy stuff. We have been getting so many offers for all kinds of stuff lately. It’s so cool at all the doors that are opened to you once you’re signed.

I have worked so hard for this and I appreciate all of it so much. You bet I’m going to take advantage of all the opportunities that come my way - all this from playing guitar.

This is what I have always dreamed of and it’s my life for better or worse.