Adventures in Guitar with Ronny North: "Look Mom, I Got a Record Deal (Finally!!)" Print
Sunday, 18 March 2007 16:57
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A few days after (surviving) Winter NAMM, I was booked to play at Shred Fest at the San Diego Sports Club in San Diego, Ca. Even though I was pretty toasted from NAMM I accepted the gig. My assistant Karen graciously offered to go with me to the show so I wouldn’t have to drive alone.
We actually got there pretty quickly and I had enough time to get some dinner after we dumped off the gear at the club. I always have a blast playing in San Diego as I’ve always had a great fan base there.

Karen and I decided to try to find somewhere to eat by the club with no luck. Finally, I remembered where there was an In & Out (our favorite place..) and we decided to drive across town to have dinner.

We got back to the club just in time to change and to get my gear up and ready to play. It was especially fun since there were no dressing rooms and I had to change in my car while Karen stood outside as a look out - welcome to my world!

My friend Greg Vaughan was headlining the event and did a great job putting on the show. We went on right before him and the show went great and we had a blast playing to the packed club. We also had a very cool jam at the end of Greg’s set.

After the show I had a blast meeting everyone and taking pictures with fans that wanted pictures with me. SD fans have always been the best and they really do love Instrumental music (unlike LA!!).

By the time we got out of there it was 2:30 am on Thursday. It was a great club and I’m looking forward to playing there again sometime.

Needless to say, after driving home I just barely beat sunrise. I got to rest on Friday (Karen actually went to work somehow). On Saturday we played at the new Fender Ave Bar & Grill in Fullerton. We had a few record companies down to check us out (this happens from time to time) Even at NAMM I was approached by a few record company types. It’s usually no big deal.

It was a great show and we tore it up. After we got off stage, I hung and chatted with everyone for a bit and talked with the various record company types. Well, they were all not happening except one. These days I’m pretty good at seeing if the deal will work for me or not pretty quickly.

The other guys couldn’t back their offers and I have no time for BS these days. One guy who attended was Mike Elliott from Broke Boy Productions. He was sitting in the front row during my set and we chatted for a bit after. We pretty much hit it off right away. After talking a bit about what I needed in a record deal, Mike was straight up about it and said that it sounded like we could do a deal but he had to go over the numbers first. He said that he would need a few days to go over everything and that we could meet the following Tuesday for Breakfast.

We met at Norms (the best French Toast ever!!) for breakfast and during bites I signed a recording contract with Broke Boy Productions. After all these years and next thing you know I’m a signed artist.

After all these years trying to get signed and I end up signing a deal at breakfast!

I was all ready to release my new DISCONNECTED CD on my own record label in late January. Well, I obviously had a change of plans and we have decided to change a few things on the CD for my Broke Boy Debut CD. It’s going to be a much better CD now and it will now be in stores all over America and in Europe.

With a record deal I now have tour support. On that note, My DISCONNECTED CD will be released in late March 2007 and then I will kick off my DISCONNECTED in AMERICA TOUR on April 15th in Arizona. The first leg of the tour will have 26 shows all over America. We will also be doing a few shows in Europe in the summer. Plus, I’ll be shooting a video for the fist single “Life Inhibited” off the CD.

It’s now definitely a whole new world. My next few columns will take you through what happens when you sign a record deal and all the stuff you usually don’t hear about including what it’s really like on the road during my first national tour.

It will definitely be an adventure and I will continue to write my column from my tour bus in the coming months.

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