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Monday, 07 May 2007 04:23
img_2391.jpgThe sounds of the New York Amp Show spilled outside to the parking lot of the Embassy Suites hotel, all coming from the occupants inside pushing the limits of the hundreds of boutique amps, pedals and guitars that moved into the hotel for a day. Passing through the glass doors separating the bucolic world of Piscataway, New Jersey and the inner sanctum of the Amp Show, the cacophony of blues riffs, flurry of metal runs and jazz tones must have been a shock to some of the normal hotel guests milling about. The guitar players and amp builders that checked in for the day in search of the holy grail of tone, were ignoring the do not disturb signs posted on a few of the hotel doors.

Walking from room to room with their guitars strapped to their backs, and no volume limits imposed upon them, the attendees eagerly visited and waited their turns to plug into the amps that fifty-five exhibitors brought with them that would make any guitar player drool. The Amp Show was packed with some of the best sounding amps today - Bruno, Komet, 65, Rivera, Goodsell, Marshall, Egnater, Ugly, TopHat and some great guitar players too.

Attendees of the amp show are serious tone junkies and serious guitar players too. You didn't hear anyone picking their way through the intro to Sweet Home Alabama while testing a Bruno. Local pros to Sheryl Crowe's guitar man Peter Stroud to Trey Alexander, Guitar Player Magazine's Guitar Hero 2007, were all pushing the outer limits of what these tone machines could do for them.

Two things that The Amp Show reminds you of is that there are a ton of great guitar players out there and some amazing amps builders who aren't named Fender and Marshall.

Guitar Jam brings you some of the sights from the first annual New York Amp Show - in New Jersey.

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