World's Largest Guitar Show Opens This Weekend Print
Thursday, 18 October 2007 03:21
texas guitar shows.jpgThis weekend, Texas Guitar Shows will host the Arlington Guitar Show at the Arlington Convention center. Labeled the "World's Largest Guitar Show," the event is a buy-sell-trade show, where guitar players bring in their musical instruments or related items to sell, trade, or have appraised by dealers and buyers. Sellers usually spend their time getting bids from several exhibitors to establish the market value of an item, and then proceed to sell or trade the item on site.

At the show attendees will see everything from rows of dealer tables with lines of guitars, amps, banjos, mandolins, effects, memorabilia, sound gear, parts, records, drums, violins, books, accessories, online companies, manufacturers, retail stores, builders, and repairmen, to celebrities who attend the event.

For any buyer who wants to get in early on the action, Texas Guitars Shows offers a closed session on Friday afternoon for those willing to pay a VIP early bird fee. This pass allows buyers to enter the show at noon Friday to preview and place first bids in on items. The VIP fee is $250 for the Arlington show. General admission for the Arlington show is $15.

Key Information:

Arlington Guitar Show, October 20-21, 2007
at the Arlington Convention Center.

Show Schedule

Saturday, October 20th - 10am to 6pm
Sunday, October 21st - 10am to 5pm

Adult Admission - $15.00
Children under 12 - Free