SN '08: Effects and Accessories of Summer NAMM Print
Friday, 27 June 2008 14:37
namm_logo.jpgDigitech Blows Minds with Vocalist Live: If we were pressed to identify the product that most impressed us at the NAMM show, it would have to be Digitech's new Vocalist Live. Vocalist live is a voice harmonizer and effects unit that leverages their incredible musIQTM technology to analyze a signal from a guitar or keyboard and then use that signal to create vocal harmonies. So, rather than having a harmonizer simply match your voice with a 3rd or octave, you can use the chords on your guitar to create the intervals for the voice harmony. The sound quality on the unit is phenomenal with no perceptible latency or noise. It is truly in impressive piece of equipment.

And, if that wasn't enough, the unit can also be used to alter the voice qualities of the singer. For instance, the musician demoing the unit used it to change is voice from a gravely blues singer to a passable impersonation of Prince.

Digitech offers 3 different units that range from $299 to $599 and at that price, every band and vocalist should have one of these in their rig. The lower cost models are floor units while the $599 unit is rackmount. A footswitch can be added to give the vocalist control over bringing the harmonies in and out and to switch between settings.

New Holy Fire Overdrive / Distortion Pedal from Creation Audio Labs: Creation Audio Labs won a GJD NAMM award with their MW1 Studio Tool. They have now unveilled their Holy Fire overdrive / distortion pedal which is based on a very different wave shaping approach. It sounded great a NAMM and we're looking forward to a full review of the pedal in the near future.

Planet Waves Debuts its New Metronome Tuner: Planet Waves was showing off its sleek new Metronome Tuner, an essential all-in-one practice tool. The new unit offers a full-featured metronome (equipped with onboard tempo, beats, and time division variations), and an accurate chromatic meter-style tuner, with its easy-to-read, oversized LCD readout.

Any electric instrument can be plugged into the Metronome Tuner thru a ΒΌ-inch input jack adapter. Plus, a built-in condenser microphone makes it equally adept at tuning acoustic instruments.

It is a very nice, compact design and is available now through Planet Waves dealers.