Artist Interview: David Grissom on The Jamcast - Session 4 Print
Friday, 22 February 2008 15:52
2007_07_11_storyville_bluesonthegreen_grissom0006 ps and c_bypattimitchell.jpgIn Session 4 of our Artist Interview with David Grissom, guitar player extrodinare, GJD's Ken Volpe and David discuss his amp and pedal rigs. David explains why he enjoys his Bad Cat amps - and then riffs on how he's no longer a slave to vintage amps and vintage guitars. Next, David talks about how he doesn't like high gain amps and how he uses specific pedals to push his amps. You'll also uncover where a big part of where his monster sound comes from. Moving on Ken and David talk about how it is a great time in history in terms of the many great choices for buying gear. Lastly, David closes out the session by speaking about the recent projects he's involved in.

Enjoy Session 4 with David Grissom!