Behind the Scenes with Seymour Duncan - Session 5 Print
Friday, 23 November 2007 05:56
Duncan.jpgIn Session 5 of our Behind the Scenes interview with legendary pickup maker Seymour Duncan, Ken and Seymour discuss the special relationship between small music stores and their customers - and how valuable this dying breed of merchant is to the guitar industry. Seymour tells stories of being on the road and stopping in local music stores, listening to local players, and how he would come up with new pick-up ideas from those trips. Next, Ken and Seymour discuss in detail the modular amps that he made and the story behind them. Finally, Ken asks why Seymour decided to walk away from the amp business, as you'll find out why.

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About: Seymour W. Duncan is a guitarist and guitar repairman, but is perhaps best known as the man behind Seymour Duncan Pickups, the world's leading manufacturer of guitar and bass pickups located in Santa Barbara, California. A good portion of Seymour's life has been devoted to studying, and helping to create some of the world's most identifiable guitar tones.