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November 27, 2020

Behind the Scenes with Phil Jamison of Matchless PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 December 2007 09:41
matchless2.jpgIn Part 2 of Behind the Scenes with Phil Jamison of Matchless Amplifiers, Ken and Phil talk about the process of Matchless reopening their doors in 2000. He attributes much of their success to loyal dealers and the same original parts and quality. Next, they riff on the how an amplifier improves with age as it breaks in. Wrapping up the session, Ken and Phil discuss CeriaTone amps, which is a Malaysian outfit that makes direct rip offs of Matchless amplifiers. Enjoy this amped up session of Behind The Scenes!

Click on the player below for Session 2 with Phil Jamison of Matchless >

Artist Interview: Van Wilks on The Jamcast - Session 2 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 December 2007 20:27
vanwilks.jpgIn Session 2 of our Artist Interview with Texas blues and rock guitar legend Van Wilks, Ken and Van explore the key aspects which define the most influential guitarists in history. Next, they about talk about the musical influences which shaped the pioneers of guitar - especially with early Eric Clapton. Lastly, Van gives us insight on his relationship with the great Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Enjoy this session of The Jamcast with Van Wilks!
Ronny North's Chatting with The Pros: Marcus Henderson: The Virtual Life Guitar Hero PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 December 2007 05:49
l_fdea32c7fdbf3806b7c031ae6df44be7.jpgBy Ronny North - GJD Contributor
The Guitar Hero video game is everywhere these days and even Slash has jumped on the band wagon. To be truthful, when I was first offered to interview Marcus I was a bit hesitant since I'm not sure what I think about the game itself and I have actually never played the game. After thinking about it a bit, I contacted Marcus and found that he was really cool and can also really play guitar. In the end, you have to give him props for going in and recreating some classic songs in both playing and tone. Only someone who is a real player could pull it off. Here's his unusual adventure of how he became a virtual life Guitar Hero...

Ronny North: What brought you to the guitar???

Marcus Henderson: When I was about 6 years old, my family and I went to the drive-in movies to watch Superman, but for some reason I kept looking over at the movie playing to our left which looked pretty freakin' hilarious, so I watch a bit more instead of the dancing hotdog on our screen. There I am watching this other movie, then all of a sudden, some psycho biker dude with a beard started playing the electric guitar with an f'in monkey wrench and I was floored. You know how people say cool shit like, "When I heard Miles or Hendrix play it became me blah blah..." Not me man. Tommy Chong's guitar solo from Cheech and Chong's next movie is still the coolest shit ever. So you could say my first guitar hero was actually Chong from Cheech and Chong. Other than that I kinda feel the guitar-thing chose me early in a weird way. I'm simply it's puppet with strings gauged 9-46...(lol!)
Artist Interview: Warren Haynes - Session 4 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 December 2007 06:11
Warren3551.jpgIn Session 4 of the our Artist Interview with Warren Haynes, Ken and Warren discuss his approach to soloing in the studio versus soloing live. Warren provides some excellent insight on how to find fresh ideas and create solos that you'll be proud of. They continue on about what role your mind plays with your guitar skills and how you can use it to become a better player. Ken goes on to ask Warren about his career and if he's had any regrets along the way. You'll be surprised by what Warren has to say about his past and present. Lastly, Ken asks about what Warren has planned for the future.

Enjoy Session 4 with Warren Haynes on the Jamcast >
Behind the Scenes with Cliff Cultreri of Relativity Records PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 November 2007 11:27
cliff.jpgIn Part 1 of this special Behind The Scenes Interview, GJD's Ken Volpe riffs with Cliff Cultreri, best known for producing and executive producing some of the greatest guitar-driven music of our time. Cliff was responsible for signing and executive producing such artists as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Alan Holdsworth, Peter Frampton, Warren Haynes and GOV'T Mule, Steve Howe, John McLaughlin, Scott Henderson, Slash's Snakepit, Opeth, Megadeth, C.O.C., Exodus, Anthrax, Slayer, The Cure, Talas, My Bloody Valentine, Our Lady Peace, and too many more to mention.

In this session, Ken and Cliff discuss what life was like when he began his career in the record business back in the late 1970s. They talk about his role at Relativity Records and some of the key artists on the label like Joe Satriani, Megadeth, and Talas. Cliff then goes on to explain what happened to the once very popular instrumental guitar scene of the 1990s.

Artist Interview: Mike Scott on The Jamcast - Session 2 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 November 2007 05:50
mike_scott-prince_www_tba_com-_01-bjs.jpgIn Session Two of our Artist Interview with master guitar man Mike Scott (Prince, Justin Timberlake), you'll hear about Mike 's role in Prince's band and their working relationship, subsequent tours, and recording sessions. Ken and Mike go deep into the musical partnership with Prince. Next, they riff on Mike's studio work and where he feels the guitar fits into the recordings. The conversation turns to Mike's live rig and all the pieces in it. Mike continues on to talk about how he approaches companies who want him to endorse their guitars, amps and gear. It's a very refreshing take on how a pro views his instruments.

Enjoy this session of the Jamcast with guitar maestro Mike Scott >

Behind the Scenes with Seymour Duncan - Session 5 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 November 2007 05:56
Duncan.jpgIn Session 5 of our Behind the Scenes interview with legendary pickup maker Seymour Duncan, Ken and Seymour discuss the special relationship between small music stores and their customers - and how valuable this dying breed of merchant is to the guitar industry. Seymour tells stories of being on the road and stopping in local music stores, listening to local players, and how he would come up with new pick-up ideas from those trips. Next, Ken and Seymour discuss in detail the modular amps that he made and the story behind them. Finally, Ken asks why Seymour decided to walk away from the amp business, as you'll find out why.

Enjoy Session 5 with Seymour Duncan >

Artist to Watch: Ladd Smith on the Jamcast - Part One PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 November 2007 06:13
ladd2.jpgIn Session One of our Artist to Watch interview with Guitar Player Magazine's 2007 Guitar Hero Winner - Ladd Smith, you'll hear about how he started playing the guitar. Plus, you'll hear how his family played a big part in his musical development when they moved to Nashville and opened up a music store in 1983. Ladd tells the stories of how he spent his time at the music store from the age of two and was surrounded by some of the best players in the world who would come in for instruments. Needless to say, country music was a part of Ladd's DNA and he was schooled by the best the business. Next, Ladd moves into a conversation about the Guitar Hero competition and discusses the experience as he went on to become the ultimate winner for the 2007 contest.

Enjoy Session One of Artist to Watch with Ladd Smith >
Artist Interview: Daniel Johns on The Jamcast - Session 1 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 16 November 2007 04:52
silverchair-jpg.jpgSilverchair is one of the most acclaimed and successful bands in Australia. Frontman singer/guitarist Daniel Johns has led the rock act since the mid-nineties and has propelled the act into superstardom at home in Australia and in the U.S. In this session of the Jamcast, Daniel took some time out his busy tour schedule to catch up with us and tell us about what's going on with his music and his guitar playing. He talks about the early influences who helped shape his guitar sound, as well as the players today who inspire him. Daniel also tells us about how the guitar plays into his songwriting, and continues on how his sound and writing has evolved over the years. Lastly, Ken and Daniel discuss the guitars and amps that he uses on stage and in the studio.

Enjoy Session One of our Artist Interview with Daniel Johns >
Artist Interview: Johnny Hiland on The Jamcast - Session 4 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 November 2007 06:54
hiland-1.jpgIn Session Four of our Artist Interview with country guitar sensation Johnny Hiland, GJD's Ken Volpe and Johnny talk about his spirituality and connection to a higher power. He reveals the sense of purpose he feels each day through his connection to God. Johnny goes on to talk about his sense of gratitude towards the people and companies that support his music and career. Next, the conversation turns the work Johnny does with kids who are in distress and how he helps them. Lastly, you'll hear about how Johnny deals with his own difficult times. Enjoy this very special session of The Jamcast.

Listen to Session Four with Johnny Hiland >
Artist Interview: Mark Tremonti on The Jamcast - Session 2 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 November 2007 19:34
mark-tremonti-11.jpgIn Session Two of our Artist Interview with Mark Tremonti, Ken and Mark talk about finding great guitar tone and how Mark likes to make every note count in his solos these days. Mark goes on to talk about how his playing and writing have changed since leaving Creed and forming Alter Bridge. He also talks about the major influence his bandmate Myles Kennedy has in the mix. Later in the interview Mark talks about their new record Blackbird and the significance the title track has to both Myles and Mark. It's a very special story.

Enjoy this Session with Mark Tremonti on The Jamcast >

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Daily Video Lesson

Daily Video Lesson
  • 02:41 - 01.10.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    A five week long, cross-country tour featuring some of the best known and most respected figures in rock and blues has been set to celebrate the legacy and music of Jimi Hendrix. Presented by Experience Hendrix, L.L.C., the Hendrix family-owned company founded by James A. “Al” Hendrix, Jimi’s father, entrusted with preserving and protecting the legacy of Jimi Hendrix together with musical instrument giant Gibson Guitar, this year’s Experience Hendrix Tour represents a dramatic expansion beyond last year’s seven sold out performances.

    Featured artists who will be performing music written by and associated with Jimi Hendrix include blues giant Buddy Guy, contemporary guitar greats Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Eric Johnson, Cesar Rojas and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos as well as Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford.
  • 01:53 - 26.09.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) and Italian distributor M.Casale Bauer proudly announce the grand opening of the Fender Custom Shop Showcase Italy. It is the third such international exclusive Fender guitar destination, joining the elite Fender Custom Shop Lounge (Düsseldorf, Germany) and Fender Showcase Tokyo (Japan).

    The Fender Custom Shop Showcase Italy is in Bologna, Italy, and is housed in a building by California-born Italian designer Gretchen Alexander. The showroom is located near the offices of M. Casale Bauer, Fender’s Italian distributor since 1962, and was created to provide Fender dealers, their special guests and artists with a comfortable place to find, try and buy some of the most beautiful guitars in today’s market. The showcase features an impressive array of high-end guitars crafted by the master builders of the Fender Custom Shop and provides artists and dealers (and their VIP clients) with access to some of the most unique high-end Fender instruments ever made available in one place. The showroom houses an unparalleled selection of Fender Custom Shop instruments, as well as Bauer’s personal collection, one of the largest and most valuable in the world.
  • 03:41 - 23.09.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    Los Angeles, CA – World-renowned Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel will  release Center Stage, a live concert DVD on October 14th via Favored Nations Acoustic.  
    The full-length concert DVD follows the recent release of the Center Stage  double CD, both having been recorded live for the PBS television series “Sierra Center Stage.” Filmed in eye-catching high definition, every element of modern technology was used in production, creating a stunning package, both aurally
    and visually. 
  • 00:09 - 19.09.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    Montreal, Canada- September 16th, 2008: Renowned guitarist Daryl Stuermer will be giving Godin Performance Clinics in and around Quebec and Eastern Ontario from September 29th to October 3rd 2008.

    Having performed in studio and toured the world with both Phil Collins and supergroup Genesis for years, Daryl is a player who is on top of his game and has the chops to prove it. Performing as the Daryl Stuermer Duo, he will be accompanied by keyboardist Konstantin Efimov during the clinics and will also be giving attendees his perspective on playing live, recording, technique, and his gear, by fielding a Q&A session after each performance.
  • 09:29 - 03.06.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (June 2, 2008) -- Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) announced today that it has acquired certain assets of Groove Tubes LLC. Among other assets, FMIC purchased the Groove Tubes brand. Groove Tubes company founder Aspen Pittman will continue in a consulting role.