Hartman Electronics Announces Vintage Germanium Boost Guitar Pedal Print
Thursday, 28 June 2007 18:53
The Hartman Vintage Germanium Boost is a faithful recreation of the original Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster, incorporating the essential modern amenities of true-bypass switching, on/off LED indicator, external 9VDC power, and a user-selectable range of frequency boost. vgb.jpg
At low settings of the Boost control, the pedal functions as a clean boost, applying more boost to the treble region than to the bass: the higher the note played, the more gain is applied (approx. 24 dB at the upper end of the neck and dial). Higher settings of Boost introduce Germanium's signature soft-clipping. The unit's breakup-point can be set by its own Boost control in concert with guitar volume, player dynamics and pick-attack.

The frequency selection toggle switch allows the pedal's boost-region to be shifted down from the stock Rangemaster-zone into the mid-range--suitable for boosting keyboards, bass, or overly bright guitar-amplifier combinations.

At the heart of each Vintage Germanium Boost is a N.O.S. (new old-stock) Mullard OC44 or Newmarket NKT-275 PNP Germanium transistor, the same types commonly installed in the original Rangemasters. All transistors are bench-tested, gain-selected and carefully biased into each pedal to provide low noise, optimal headroom, and smooth transition into overdrive. The result combines the transparency and dynamics of being plugged 'straight-in' to your amplifier with the classic tone, drive, and response of Germanium.

Hartman Electronics Vintage Germanium Boost guitar pedal is available in 2 transistor types: Newmarket NKT275 and Mullard OC44 (US$179.99).

Feature Summary:

* 100% hand wired, bench tested and auditioned prior to shipping
* Mil-spec plated-thru-hole printed circuit board (PCB) construction
* Genuine NOS Germanium NKT275/Mullard OC44 PNP Germanium transistors pre-screened and selected for low leakage, proper gain, and thermal stability.
* Ultra-quiet 1% metal-film resistors throughout
* Selectable frequency boost (HI/MID)
* Heavy duty true-bypass switching.

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Source: Hartman Electronics