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November 11, 2019
Hartman Announces New LM308 Op Amp Distortion Pedal PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 10 August 2007 04:46
Taking as inspiration the raw, edgy, guitar sounds of punk, new-wave and college-rock bands of the late 70's and early 80's, Hartman Electronics has crafted a distortion pedal for guitar players based on the LM308-the op-amp at the heart of many of the best distortions of that era. hartman lm 308.jpgThe Hartman pedal functions in two modes, selectable on-the-fly via foot switch:

Mode A employs a diode-clipping stage to produce a classic style of distortion: crunchy, articulate, and accentuating the nuances of pick-attack, palm-muting, and pinch-harmonics. User controls allow separate adjustment of volume, distortion, and EQ.

The second operating mode (SYM) transforms the pedal into an overdrive, increasing transparency, headroom, and dynamic response, and producing a hotter output signal suitable for bombarding the input of downstream amps/devices. Together, the two modes provide a broad and versatile palette of semi-clean and distorted tones applicable to a wide array of playing styles and musical contexts.

Each LM308 Op-Amp Distortion features its authentic N.O.S. (new old-stock) namesake, true-bypass switching, premium components, and Hartman's rugged, military-spec plated-thru-hole printed circuit board (PCB) construction.

Hartman LM308 Op-Amp Distortion pedals are made in the U.S.A. and come with One-Year Limited Warranty.

Feature Summary:

3PDT Heavy-duty True-bypass switching
Hi-intensity LED Indicators or ON/OFF and Distortion type (A/SYM)
Military-spec plated-thru-hole printed circuit board (PCB) construction
Premium quality Switchcraft jacks and Alpha potentiometers
Ultra-quiet 1% metal-film resistors throughout
Hi-fidelity tantalum, silver-mica and film capacitors
Genuine N.O.S. (new old-stock) LM308 Operational Amplifier
Reverse-polarity protection.
Durable blackened-bronze powder-coat finish, creme knobs
External 9VDC power supply jack
Ships with new 9v battery

For more information, visit their website .

Press Release
Source: Hartman Electronics

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