Randall Amplifiers Set to Launch Michael Amott's Signature Series Stack Print
Monday, 05 November 2007 16:54
Randall Amplifiers will be launching a new Signature Series stack called the Ninja V2, which is designed and inspired by Arch Enemy lead guitarist Michael Amott.
michaelamottbig.jpgMichael Amott, born in England and raised in the south of Sweden, began playing guitar as a young teenager. Initially inspired by the furious sounds of the 80's thrash/speed metal scene, he has listed guitarists such as Frank Marino, Dave Mustaine, and Michael Schenker as his influences. Amott's style features a wide vibrato, memorable melodic lead lines, furious sledgehammer riffs, and a love for twin guitar harmonies. Said Amott of designing the V2 Ninja stack, "Working with Randall on the Ninja V2 amp has been nothing short of amazing. These guys are as crazy about the search for crushing tone as I am. I believe I have found my ideal partners in crime!"

Jody Dankberg, Director of Marketing and Artist Relations at Randall Amplifiers , who had the opportunity to work with Amott throughout the development process of the stack said, "Mike Amott is an amazing player and a huge influence to younger generations. Working with Mike has been a great pleasure to all of us here at Randall. His limited edition half stack sounds and looks incredible. It is a huge honor to have him on our artist roster."

The V2 Ninja Head offers a three channel head which includes a classic solid state clear channel, a classic Randall overdrive channel and an all-tube pre amp channel with "Attack" & "Bright". It will also feature a midi assignable 6-band graphic EQ and parallel effects loop, a master volume control, power amp density and presence controls and RUBY 12AX7AC5HG pre amp tube. The V2 Ninja Head will retail for $1,599.00. The matching cabinet is a G12H-100 Celestion speaker cabinet and will retail for $1,199.00.

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Source: US Music Corp