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September 26, 2020
Gary Kramer Launches Two New Delta Wing Guitars PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 September 2007 18:05
Gary Kramer Guitar announces the release of two new Delta Wing models; the Simulator T and Simulator R. The Delta Wing is a stylish and uniquely shaped design ergonomically built from the player out, therefore redefining the overall playing experience. kramerwing2.jpgThe ergonomic benefits of the custom carved mahogany body can be appreciated in three specific sections. The design begins with the ergonomic top arc. The arc utilizes a player's body frame naturally placing the guitar's neck and body in perfect balance and playing position. Secondly, a shortened bottom cutaway provides effortless access to the Delta Wing's 24 frets. And lastly, you'll notice comfortable forearm support is generated by contours that naturally place the hand and wrist in a perfect picking position.

Additionally, for seated players, the Delta Wing is equipped with a removable, left leg rest which puts both the player and the instrument in perfect relation when used in a sitting position.

The T model features a string through body design and a tunomatic bridge set up, a rosewood fingerboard and is available in metallic red, pitch black and classic white and lists for $1295.

The R model is equipped with a licensed Floyd Rose locking tremolo system, maple fingerboard and is available in pitch black, classic white and viper yellow and lists for $1395.

Both Simulators feature Schaller-style (horseshoe) strap locks, dual parabolic position markers, sealed, 6 to-a-side, low-post tuners, dual Alnico humbuckers wired with a 500K volume and push/pull tone knob that splits both pickups, and a 3-way toggle.

Aesthetically, the matte black finished neck displays the Simulator logo along the back of the neck.

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Source: Gary Kramer Guitars

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