Artist Interview: Trey Anastasio on The Jamcast Print
Thursday, 01 March 2007 07:25
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It's the day before Trey Anastasio's Fall 2006 Tour and I'm hanging with Trey's road crew before the final rehearsal in NYC. Trey is in the other room working with the String section getting them ready for the Webster Hall gig. Brian Brown, who is Trey's guitar tech, is kind enough to show me Trey's rig and answer my many questions about working with Trey's latest band and getting ready for the tour. I'm also talking Yankee baseball with one of the other guys from his crew who is definitely a fan. I think deep down both of us knew that the Yankee ship was going down with A-Rod at the helm.

Everyone is very friendly and down to earth. They order lunch and Trey breaks free to hang out in the lounge with me to do the interview. Orchestrator Don Hart sits in with us as well. We jump right into a deep discussion about improvisation, composition, and the creative process. Right away I get the sense that Trey is very open and honest and willing to share his insight to all my questions.

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