CD Review: The Carl Verheyen Band - Take One Step Print
Monday, 12 May 2008 12:46
takeonestep-759708.jpgBy Ken Volpe - GJD
Even though Take One Step was released a while ago I felt it was important to give it it's due. I've been a long time fan of Carl Verheyen and have the utmost respect for him as a musician and a composer.

The first track on the CD, "Georgia's Reel," contains some of my really tight rhythm guitar parts. These rhythm parts are both splendid in tone and in harmonic content. There is also a searing solo that features Carl's trademark intervallic jumps.

Up next is, "The Code." This number has many syncopated variations along with a bluesy feel. There are even a couple of parts that were reminiscent of The Grateful Dead. I also really enjoyed the lyrics on this piece. A little further along I came across, "In The Stream." This is a ripping instrumental that contains multiple layers of deep emotive shredding. Any guitar fanatic would love this one. I skipped ahead a few tracks to "Lighthouse." Carl's compositional prowess is quite evident here. He manages to pull off blues swing style changes that weave in and out with various other styles. "Lighthouse" is also laced some gorgeous acoustic guitar tracks. There are quite a few key shift modulations that make this piece quite interesting for the listener.

The final cut on Take One Step is an amazing piece called, "Bells of April." I must say this is one of the overall best songs I've heard in a long, long time. This song has just about everything that you could wish for. It has great melodic bass parts and just about every type of guitar tone you can think of. This composition has both complexity and continuity. The lyrics on this piece are deeply spiritual that will give the listener much to think about. Carl's vocals are rich and full, hence a perfect match for the song. "Bells of April" contains a few separate melodic ideas that blend into solos. One solo in particular shows Carl's appreciation for the Allman Brothers. I would venture to say it reminded me of Dickey Betts with 10 years of jazz lessons. This song alone is worth buying this CD for.

Carl Verheyen is possibly one of the most gifted and yet under rated guitarists of our time. His versatility is astounding. It's almost hard to believe that one man is responsible for this much musical output. Carl utilizes many different guitars, which are listed on the CD. A cool nugget for all you gear hounds. His music reveals the influence of many of his contemporaries while maintaining his own signature. On this project I heard shades of Eric Johnson, Phil Keaggy, and others. This Cd features the amazing Chad Wackerman on drums and Cliff Hugo on bass. Lastly, I must add that the production and audio quality is both top notch. So, treat your creative appetite and go to Carl and purchase Take One Step.