CD Review: David Grissom's '10,000 Feet' Print
Wednesday, 11 February 2009 14:21
By Ken Volpe - GJD
I’ve been waiting for this CD to come out since the Fall ’08 when David told me that he was in the studio working on it..  As soon as I hit play on my machine, I knew I was in for a treat.  The first song, “Keep a Rollin’ On,” has a great bass track played by David and catchy rhythm guitar parts.  The guitars are layered and panned accordingly to give a wall of sound and at the same time, glue the song together.  Mr. Grissom has become a master of this art.

Then I came across “Squawk,” an instrumental Texas-Style rock & roll tune that may bring to mind the legendary Billy Gibbons.  David’s parts are both gritty and chunky at the same time.  Drummer Chris Layton from SRV fame and Bassist Scott Nelson round out the battery for this tune.

“Take Me Back to Texas,” starts off with a wonderful acoustic guitar courtesy of Collings Guitars.
By the way, last year when I interviewed David he confessed about his growing addiction for Collings Guitars.  On this tune and others, it’s evident why this addiction came about.  This tune is definitely fits the classic country-rock ballad bill.

Throughout the CD a few things are apparent…  David has taken on quite a wide role in terms of playing multiple instruments, covering the vocal chores, and doing all the composition and production.  It gets me exhausted even thinking about that much work. 

The next tune is “Butterbean Friday” which is a slow-blues instrumental.  Tasteful and hooky guitar parts abound.  I love how David let’s his phrases breath so the listener can really absorb them.
“Gone and Lonesome,” is a gutsy tune with some chord cool changes that caught my ear.  I really enjoyed the vocals on this track.  And so far, its one of my favorite tunes.

I also really loved “Dover Soul.”  It’s a medium funk rock tune that has some hints of Storyville.  Mr. Grissom once again comes through with some of his signature licks over a great groove.  I really love the intensity of this tune as well.

10,000 Feet also contains a handful of tunes that feature acoustic guitar and vocals.  Along with Chris and Scott, other featured artists on this project are the great Kenny Aronoff on drums, Michael Ramos on keys, and Warren Hood on fiddle.  David definitely knows how to gather and utilize some of the industry’s best talent. 

David is widely known for being a true tone hound and his signature PRS DGT model sounds better then ever on this project. I give David props for reinventing himself once again and dare I say bringing out more pop influence.  In my opinion, David Grissom is the ultimate “UnGuitar Hero.”  What do I mean by that?  He doesn’t rely on non-musical shredding, or making it all about his guitar playing.  As with any true musical artist, the songs and the overall musicianship are primary.  His playing is always creative, soulful, and flat out sounds great.