Gear Review: The MegaVibe Pedal Print
Friday, 16 May 2008 22:12
megavibepic.jpgBy Ken Volpe - GJD
In the world of boutique pedals there is massive competition. Among all those pedals, there are a few that stand out. One of those standouts is the KR MegaVibe. The MegaVibe was modeled after the famous 1960's Univox Uni-Vibe. Mr. Kevin Randall did his homework and made a killer pedal. I had heard this pedal referred to as "Hendrix in a box." Jimi would have been proud.

Let’s get into the sounds. I plugged my James Tyler Strat into the MegaVibe and then into my D13 FTR 37 head and 2x12 bottom. Right off the bat, I was floored by the richness of this pedal. This pedal produces sounds that are authentic, full, and multi-dimensional. I was able to dial in a variety of vibrato tones for both mellow rhythm parts to off-the-charts lead tones. Whether I am playing old school Hendrix or some my own music, the MegaVibe is the ticket. The slightest turn of the intensity or speed control put me in a different range.  Many, many variations were at my disposal. I am astonished by how I can maintain my original guitar/amp tone, even with a healthy dose of MegaVibe.

Then I switched to chorus mode. Unreal. It nails my old Roland CE-1 tones and beyond. Usually, in the studio I will record my tracks dry and add EFX in the mixing process, but this pedal breaks that barrier. I recorded some esoteric chimey tracks for one of my songs and it worked perfectly. In addition, it is much quieter than my CE-1. Once again, I will add that my original tone is still there and my top end remained clear and uncluttered.  

The MegaVibe is housed in a large purple box with top quality components. It also comes with it’s own AC power supply. My only gripe is that it takes up a lot of real estate on my pedalboard. However, it does do double duty, so it’s a fair trade-off.  It also has a jack for an expression pedal to tweak your sounds on the fly. I am still waiting for my expression pedal so I have not yet explored that feature. I look forward to that, because the expression pedal really is a big part of the whole vibrato thing. At $285.00, this bad boy is worth every penny. I look forward to many years of tonal bliss with my new KR MegaVibe.

Check out YouTube for an awesome MegaVibe demo by Dave Phillips.

More on the MEGAVIBE: The Megavibe is modeled after an "original" 1969 Univox Uni-Vibe pedal & features the exact same authentic circuitry-100% 1969 Univox Uni-vibe solid state circuitry!!.The Univox Uni-Vibe originally came out on the market in 1969 as a rotating speaker simulator for electronic keyboards to simulate a rotating speaker effect. Many famous musicians like Jimi Hendrix & Robin Trower found the Univox Uni-Vibe quite adaptable when used with an electric guitar & favored for it's unique sound quality since becoming one of the most famous effects pedals on the market. Original Univox Uni-Vibes varied in sound quality do to production runs & component changes however very few vibe remakes even come close to really getting that elusive tone quality found with a top notch sounding original Univox Uni-Vibe. The Megavibe has that authentic underwater liquid like tone & warble that made the original Univox Uni-Vibe famous in the first place & features the authentic circuitry w/original LFO circuitry w/incandescent lamp & four photocells (enclosed in a metal housing) exactly like in an original vibe. The Megavibe also features authentic vintage style handmatched components & is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure measuring 7.5" x 4.3" x 2.4" with heavy duty DPDT footswitch for true bypass, volume, intensity & speed controls, rate LED indicator & on/off indicator light, chorus/vibrato selector switch, and speed footpedal jack (footpedal not included). Megavibe comes with12vdc adapter for power supply.  Uni-Vibe is a registered trademark of Jim Dunlop Manufacturing.