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October 1, 2020
Gear Review: Line 6 Spider Valve 1x12 Combo PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 March 2008 08:21
spider_valve_112_112_left-facing_-_lo_rez.jpegBy Ken Volpe - Guitar Jam Daily
It was just a matter of time before the marriage of a tube amplification giant and a DSP modeling giant came together. Who better to head up this unification of these two technologies than Line 6? Since the 90's, Line 6 has clearly been the leader in the world of guitar amplification modeling and beyond. They have an incredibly creative R & D department and have always shown a willingness to enter new territories. Joining forces with Bogner amplification is a brilliant move. Bogner tube amps have been well respected since the ‘90's. Being an owner of both previous Line 6 and Bogner products, it's cool to hear both camps in one amp.
Gear Review: Ibanez/Keeley TS 808 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 17 March 2008 15:06
ts808.jpgBy Ken Volpe - Guitar Jam Daily
For nearly three decades the Ibanez Tube Sceamer has been a staple for many player’s guitar rigs. Famous users include Stevie Ray Vaughn, Trey Anastasio, and so on…

The Tube Screamer sound is a sustaining, smooth overdrive that is best suited for Blues and Blues-Rock. Certain amplifiers tend to like being interfaced with a Tube Screamer. The most notable Tube Screamer friendly amp is the black-faced era Fender. The original TS-808 pedal is very rare and highly sought after. Various replicas made by Ibanez and other companies have come out since then. Most players agree that they don’t have the sound and the mojo of the original. That’s where Mr. Keeley comes in.
Live Review: Nils Lofgren's Guitar Work at the Springsteen Show - 3.10.08 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 March 2008 08:10
nils.jpgBy Larry Dobrow - GJD Contributor
Critiquing the guitar work at a Springsteen concert is like critiquing the harmonic precision at a Spice Girls one: it’s thoroughly beside the point. You go to a Bruce show for the anthems, for the community, for the rare opportunity to leave irony at the door and indulge your inner populist. You go to wear headbands, pump your fists and generally act like a Baby Boomer doofus.
Live Review: Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood - Madison Square Garden 2/26/08 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 09 March 2008 09:53
36149052.jpgBy Karl Greenburg - GJD Staff Writer
Steve Winwood of Traffic and Eric Clapton, soon to be of Pyongyang, apparently (in case you haven't heard The Great Leader has asked Clapton to perform in North Korea), were at the Garden last Tuesday night. Sold out show, it seemed, with an enthusiastic crowd of white business types dressed down. I watched proceedings from a suite owned by a technology company.
CD Review: Steve Stevens Memory Crash PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 March 2008 17:17
stevens_front_cover_miniweb.jpgBy Ken Volpe - Guitar Jam Daily
Here it is, another Tuesday new CD release date. It's March 4th 2008 and the long awaited solo project from Steve Stevens is here.

A few weeks back his label, Magna Carta, sent me a promotion copy of Memory Crash. As soon as I heard about this project I was extremely excited. I have always been a huge fan of Steve's music and knew that this latest work would be a gem.
Gear Review: Two-Rock Classic Type 3 Amplifier PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 February 2008 05:26
tworock_fplr.jpgBy Ken Volpe - GJD
In this day and age, the long-term staying power of a boutique amplifier company is definitely a challenge. K & M Analog Designs has been around for almost a decade and is going stronger than ever. They are constantly coming out with new amp designs, each with it's own unique voice.

One of their latest offerings is the Classic Type 3 amplifier. It is a 50-watt, 2-channel, hand-wired amp head. It is powered by 2 - 6L6 power tubes, 2 - GZ34 rectifier tubes and 3 - 12 AX7 pre-amp tubes. The Classic Type 3 also has a slew of amazing and useful features. It can be run in Class A or Class AB. It also contains a half power option and a variety of negative feedback settings to further adjust the feel and tone of the amp. This tone machine comes with a 3-button foot switch that allows you to access many different sounds. The amp does not contain reverb but has passive send and return jacks to hook up effects.
Gear Review: Laney LionHeart Amplifier PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 February 2008 16:49
l5t-112.jpgBy Ken Volpe - Guitar Jam Daily
I recently came across the Laney LionHeart Amplifier at the 2008 NAMM show. This 5-watt combo sports a single 12-inch speaker, 2 foot switchable channels and reverb. This Class A hand wired little beast is powered by a single EL84 power tube and three 12ax7 pre amp tubes. It also features an FX loop and a built-in tilt back stability system to further project your sound.
Gear Review: The StealthPlug PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 February 2008 07:45
stealth.jpgBy Laura Valk - GJD Contributor
In a world where everything seems to be blown to giant sized proportions, I can honestly say that the StealthPlug by IK Multimedia holds its own for such a simple and small device. The StealthPlug takes the phrase "plug-and-play" to a whole new level, serving as a direct connection between your guitar and computer.

The cord houses a 16 bit 44/48kHz analog to digital converter, along with a 1/8" headphone jack and volume controls. The cord serves as a direct 1/4" jack to USB interface, and as such, is extremely easy for even a beginner to use.
Amp Review: Elmwood M90 Modena PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 January 2008 11:39
modena_m90_triode_red.jpgBy Ken Volpe - GJD
Elmwood is a relatively new company that produces a wide range of handmade guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets. I would like to tell you about their flagship model the M90 Modena.

At this current time there are hundreds of boutique amps and it's growing at a large rate. So what makes an amp stand apart in this flooded amp market? What comes to mind are typical characteristics like quality, features, value, and so on. But, we now live in age of "too much information" and some other factor needs to jump out for an amp to rise to the top. I feel that the M90 is one of those rare amps.
Live Review: Van Halen at the Honda Center, Anaheim, CA, 12.18.07 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 31 December 2007 10:32
vanhalen.jpgBy Ronny North - GJD Contributor
When the Van Halen tour was first announced, I thought this could be a great thing or it could be like some of the other reunion shows that I have seen over the years that left much to be desired.

I am a major Van Halen fan of the DLR years - the first VH album came out right when I started playing guitar. Being from L.A. I actually saw them play before they were even signed.

Like my GJD brethren Larry Dobrow, I was also concerned that the tour wouldn't last and they wouldn't actually make it to LA. Then, there was the fact that Michael Anthony wasn't part of the reunion, and that 15-year old Wolfgang Van Halen would be playing bass.
CD Review: Trip Wamsley's 'Curve' PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 December 2007 11:28
tripwamsley.jpgKen Volpe - Guitar Jam Daily
This past January, while I was at the NAMM Show in California, my friend Uwe Salwender introduced me to a quirky bloke named Trip Wamsley. The three of us went out to dinner and on the ride home Uwe popped Trip's instrumental CD Curve into the CD player. Immediately my reaction was, "How come I haven't heard of this guy before?" Trip gave me a copy of Curve and I have been listening to it ever since.

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Daily Video Lesson

Daily Video Lesson
  • 02:41 - 01.10.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    A five week long, cross-country tour featuring some of the best known and most respected figures in rock and blues has been set to celebrate the legacy and music of Jimi Hendrix. Presented by Experience Hendrix, L.L.C., the Hendrix family-owned company founded by James A. “Al” Hendrix, Jimi’s father, entrusted with preserving and protecting the legacy of Jimi Hendrix together with musical instrument giant Gibson Guitar, this year’s Experience Hendrix Tour represents a dramatic expansion beyond last year’s seven sold out performances.

    Featured artists who will be performing music written by and associated with Jimi Hendrix include blues giant Buddy Guy, contemporary guitar greats Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Eric Johnson, Cesar Rojas and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos as well as Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford.
  • 01:53 - 26.09.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) and Italian distributor M.Casale Bauer proudly announce the grand opening of the Fender Custom Shop Showcase Italy. It is the third such international exclusive Fender guitar destination, joining the elite Fender Custom Shop Lounge (Düsseldorf, Germany) and Fender Showcase Tokyo (Japan).

    The Fender Custom Shop Showcase Italy is in Bologna, Italy, and is housed in a building by California-born Italian designer Gretchen Alexander. The showroom is located near the offices of M. Casale Bauer, Fender’s Italian distributor since 1962, and was created to provide Fender dealers, their special guests and artists with a comfortable place to find, try and buy some of the most beautiful guitars in today’s market. The showcase features an impressive array of high-end guitars crafted by the master builders of the Fender Custom Shop and provides artists and dealers (and their VIP clients) with access to some of the most unique high-end Fender instruments ever made available in one place. The showroom houses an unparalleled selection of Fender Custom Shop instruments, as well as Bauer’s personal collection, one of the largest and most valuable in the world.
  • 03:41 - 23.09.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    Los Angeles, CA – World-renowned Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel will  release Center Stage, a live concert DVD on October 14th via Favored Nations Acoustic.  
    The full-length concert DVD follows the recent release of the Center Stage  double CD, both having been recorded live for the PBS television series “Sierra Center Stage.” Filmed in eye-catching high definition, every element of modern technology was used in production, creating a stunning package, both aurally
    and visually. 
  • 00:09 - 19.09.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    Montreal, Canada- September 16th, 2008: Renowned guitarist Daryl Stuermer will be giving Godin Performance Clinics in and around Quebec and Eastern Ontario from September 29th to October 3rd 2008.

    Having performed in studio and toured the world with both Phil Collins and supergroup Genesis for years, Daryl is a player who is on top of his game and has the chops to prove it. Performing as the Daryl Stuermer Duo, he will be accompanied by keyboardist Konstantin Efimov during the clinics and will also be giving attendees his perspective on playing live, recording, technique, and his gear, by fielding a Q&A session after each performance.
  • 09:29 - 03.06.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (June 2, 2008) -- Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) announced today that it has acquired certain assets of Groove Tubes LLC. Among other assets, FMIC purchased the Groove Tubes brand. Groove Tubes company founder Aspen Pittman will continue in a consulting role.