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March 28, 2020
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What's All This Buzz About Frets - Part III PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 July 2008 22:47
peekamooselores.jpgBy Paul Schwartz - GJD Contributor/Peekamoose Custom Guitars NYC
Who's Got The Chops? And why do you care? It's important to do a fret leveling which delivers a sympathetic alignment across the variations of four seasons and several years. This points back to the concept of an 18 to 36 month arc for most necks. Let's say from a practical point of view starting from virtually perfect frets, that most necks under five years old will need some corrective fret dressing every two or three years regardless of the actual wear in the frets. Board compression alone can completely change how an instrument sounds and feels. Older necks can often go longer, but this is also tied to how low someone wants their action, what gauge strings, how imperative it is their intonation is as close to perfect as possible, etc.
The Pedal Insider: Notes from Underground PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 July 2008 22:01
theo1.jpgBy Theo Hartman - GJD Contributor
My first instinct was to make this a technical column about pedals since that is what I build. Given that pedals typically inhabit and influence the larger whole of the guitar-to-amp signal chain, I thought I'd begin by looking at the bigger picture.

When you plug your guitar into your amp, the instrument, cable and amplifier react to each other in ways that affect the content and quality of the signal going into the amp (and therefore what eventually comes out of it). The effects can be subtle, second-order, or quite audible. One example of this phenomenon most of us have heard and experienced is the "loading" of a (passive) guitar's output signal by excessively long length of cable causing high frequency loss.

Guitar Tech Insider: Hands On with Greg Howard - Part II PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 June 2008 17:27
greg.jpgGreg Howard has been a multi talented technician for dozens of bands since the early 1990s. His role has included setup and maintaining all instruments, amplifiers, and sound systems. Greg has also been a tour manager and stage manager for several acts. His resume includes working for such artists as Aerosmith, Green Day, The Black Crowes, Linkin Park, Hall & Oates, Kings X, and many more. We are honored to have him be a part of GJDs Insider series.
Here's Part 1 Just in case you missed it.
By Ken Volpe - GJD

GJD: Greg, we would like to find out more about you and next time we will get into more details about you working as a tech for various rock stars.

Amp Insider: Getting Amped with Brandon Montgomery PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 June 2008 19:31
brandon.jpgBrandon Montgomery (on right w/ Larry Carlton on left) is the owner of Bludotone Amplifiers. He custom builds amazing amplifiers for each of his customers. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has created quite a buzz over the past year. His use of high quality components and communication with his clients results in just what the tone doctor ordered. Currently, there is a long waiting list for his amplifiers, but most folks say that it is well worth the wait.

Guitar Insider: What's All This Buzz About Frets - Part II PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 June 2008 17:50
peekamooselores.jpgBy Paul Schwartz - GJD Contributor -Peekamoose Custom Guitars NYC / Part II
A Guy Comes Into A Bar With A Duck On His Head*: The punch line being: Instruments change incrementally from day to day or week to week. If an instrument's fretwork is true enough that the amount of "fret alignment drift" experienced as subtle changes in relief occur is almost impossible to measure, then the instrument's owner will not notice a change in performance.

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