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October 19, 2020
XOX Teams with Guitars Not Guns to Help At-Risk Youth PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 March 2008 13:36
xoxguns.jpgBy Jim Basara - Guitar Jam Daily
Here's some news that all guitar players can feel good about and hopefully will inspire other guitar manufacturers to use their talents and positions to help the community.

XOX has announced that it is donating its final numbered instrument, #100 of 100, to Guitars Not Guns for an auction to be held on eBay beginning April 21.

Details for the auction can be found at .

Guitar Jam Daily was the first to announce XOX’s upcoming release of their innovative guitar, named “The Handle”. Made from carbon fiber, this newcomer promises to offer an innovative alternative to the classic wood guitar. We had the opportunity to play The Handle at Winter NAMM and we were impressed enough to bestow the GJD Innovation Award on this extremely exciting instrument.

For the launch of The Handle, XOX is specially numbering the first 100 instruments to roll off the production line, 96 of which have already been spoken for, even before shipping the first unit. Guitar #100 will be donated to Guitars Not Guns for this special auction.

Guitars Not Guns is a fantastic charity organization that provides guitar instructional programs to at risk youth. Kids that sign up for a GNG class are given a guitar to use for the class and, if they pass the course, they get to keep the guitar. GNG operates classes across the US and also in Canada. New chapters and programs are launching regularly. You can learn more about GNG at their web site,

GJD applauds XOX for their gracious donation and highly encourages you to consider Guitars Not Guns as a new favorite charity. Please donate to their cause and consider getting involved by donating a small bit of time to teach guitar to these young kids who desperately need positive direction and influences in their lives.

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