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October 22, 2020
Orange Amps Launches OR50 Anniversary Model PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 31 March 2008 08:36
orange50lor2.jpgOrange amplification celebrates their 40th anniversary in 2008 and following up on the announcement of the extremely limited 40th anniversary custom shop amp (only 40 made), they are launching an anniversary production model OR50 and have just released official pictures of the new production amp.
Based on the legendary early 70’s Graphic amp often referred to as the “Pics Only”, the OR50 will have a Plexi-Glass Front Panel, single channel and feature a unique patent applied eight section output transformers.

Specifications OR50:

Single Channel
Foot Defeatable Master Volume/Attenuator
Three Band EQ
HF Drive Control with Boost
2 Stage Gain section
Classic 2 x EL34 valve configuration
2 x 12AX7
50 Watts RMS
Plexi Glass Front Panel
Chassis mounted hand wired power valve sockets.

The company debuted the new PPC412 LTD limited edition 40th anniversary cab at the Frankfurt Music Messe. With unique commemorative badge and special gold beading the new cab uses top quality components, including 4 x Celestion G12H-30 speakers, the cab delivers 120 watts RMS and is built to Orange’s stringent quality standards.



Press Release
Source: Orange Amplification

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