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October 25, 2020
Countdown with The Amp Show's Loni Specter PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 May 2008 19:53
lonis.jpgThis Saturday, May 10th, the NY Amp show will switch from standby to "ON". The Amp Show is a truly unique event for guitar lovers and tone junkies. Just envision an entire hotel clearing out for a day, allowing hundreds of guitar players to wander into guest rooms filed with some of the biggest names to boutique amp dealers, allowing them to plug in, play, and test their rigs. And you won't find any noise police wandering the halls squelching the wall of amp tones.

We asked Loni Specter about this weekend's event with our five-question "Countdown" interview format to give you a better picture of what's coming up.

GJD: 5. What's new for the 2008 NY Amp Show?

L.S.: Plenty of new products will be making thier debute at the show; Fender's Pinceton re-issue, Bogner's new model comes to mind. Lots of new faces at the show like, Bludotone, Port City, Atomic, Daab, VVT,DR Bass and more

GJD: 4. Can you tell us about any changes to the format of the NY event?

L.S.: The show worked so well last year. The only thing that's different is there will be no bands performing. As much as I love putting great talent on stage, I've come to realize that 95% of the attendees are not there to hear live music. They are really just wanting to find their ultimate gear. It's a never ending quest, so we've narrowed the focus of the AMP SHOW to reflect that.

GJD: 3. What will happen at the NY show that we didn't see in LA earlier this year, any surprises?

L.S.: This time'round we have a tech event at noon in the ballroom. It's all about learning how to tweak the bias on tube amps. Norm Mathews of GoodTone Amps will walk you step by step through the process. The first 50 people in the door get an effect pedal from Behringer!

GJD: 2. Will there be any famous players showing up this year?

L.S.: There's always great players at the shows, the famous and soon to be. I know Earl Slick will be back again in Sommatone's room. In reality the amps and effects are truley the the stars of the day, We're all just kids in the candy store.

GJD: 1. What are the top 5 things not to miss at the show this Saturday?

L.S.: The "Tone Wizards" semminar at 10:30 AM and, prizes from These will be given away in the ballroom;
 Brown Note 1x12 ported sealed back cab/Eminence spkr, Creative Audio Labs Mark423 boost pedal, Line-6 Spider Valve combo, Fender G-DEC Executive, Fuchs Cream pedal, GoodTone Tone Tonic amp, JTK Alchemy pedal, StandBack amp stand, Pigtronix PolySaturator pedal ,Solid Cables and more goodies Plus, we'll have the"PEDALBOARD FROM HELL" with over 35 boutique effects!

More details on the NY Amp Show:

“Tone Wizards” seminars participants include; Obeid Kahn (Reason),Mark Sampson (Star), Richard Goodsell (Goodsell), Moss Hudson (Brown Note), Alan Phillip (Carol-Ann) Biil Yates (Venice Amp Repair), Myles Rose (G.A.B.) A popular feature of the LA show will make it’s east coast debute; “The Pedalboard From Hell”, with over 25 state of the art effects.

There will be over 40 exhibitors including; Fender, 65amps, Marshall, Vox, Celestion, Metro, Electro-Harmonix, Line 6, Cameron, Fuchs, Goodsell, Hoffman, Valvetech, Tube Wonder, JCA Circuits, Reinhardt, Gadow, Egnater, Fargen, Pure Sixty Four, Industrial, Fluxtone, Top Hat, Goodtone, Mad Professor, Louis Electric, Doug’s Tubes, Antique Electronic, and more.

Prizes from; Line 6, Brown Note, Marshall, Fender, Fuchs, Goodtone.

Open to the public, $20. at the door, free parking

When; Sat, May 10, 2008
Hours; 10:AM-6:pm

Location; Embassy Suites Hotel 121 Centennial Ave, Piscataway, New Jersey 08854

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