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October 22, 2020
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Wednesday, 21 May 2008 13:20
alchemist_photo3.jpgBogner Amplification announced today Alchemist(TM), a forthcoming line of guitar amplifiers designed to deliver the signature flexibility, pure valve signal path and rich tonal characteristics indicative of historic Bogner amplifiers, all at an excellent value.

Created directly from the vision and specifications of Reinhold Bogner, and inspired by the voicing and culture of classic Californian flavored amplifier designs, each Alchemist will deliver the chimey, sparkling cleans, creamy, touch-sensitive leads and bright and colorful crunch associated with its predecessors. Featuring two independent channels and a four-button foot switch, the line will be entirely flexible and designed to complement the sounds of any single-coils and humbuckers -- both vintage and modern. Featuring a selectable power section, from 40 to 20 watts, the Alchemist sonority quickly transforms to display a very different kind of magic. When switched to 20 watts, Alchemist undergoes a complete sonic metamorphosis, changing its harmonic complexity and feel to conjure the essence of the legendary Brown sound.

Well-rounded, the new Bogner Alchemist line will include 112 and 212 open-back Combos, a Head, each 40 watts, and a 212 Extension Cabinet. The line will boast 6L6 class-AB power sections, five-12AX7 preamps and premium Celestion(R) speakers. Plus, with top-shelf delay and reverb post effects running in parallel, and remaining separate from the original signal, the result is a rich, living and breathing, fully realized resonance poised to ignite a spiritual transformation within each and every player.

Eye-catching with a classic boutique fit-and-finish, Alchemist has a retro-modern design celebrating the classic, albeit timeless, approach to these modern amplifiers. The silver highlights and symbolic markings play to the Alchemist name and its entrancing ancient mysticism.

"We couldn't be more excited about our new line whose name speaks for itself," remarks Reinhold Bogner, founder of Bogner Amplification. "Guitarists will be in awe with the magically rich tone. Every component, every detail was hand-chosen to deliver the custom amp experience to the legions of guitarists who are truly discerning about tone."


Alchemist 112
Alchemist 212
Alchemist Head
Alchemist 212 Ext. Cab.

Press Release
Source: Bogner/PR Newswire


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