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October 28, 2020
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Friday, 30 May 2008 11:23
vintage80.jpgBy Ken Volpe - GJD
A few months ago I came across an amazing software company from Europe, PSP designs high quality audio effect and processor plug-ins. In this day and age, plug-ins are a must have for any computer based recording environment. PSP offers more than a dozen plug-in sets and I will cover 4 of those. I use their plug-ins for all my studio applications. I'm talking pre and post production, on just about every instrument and track.

psp_608mds.jpgLet me start with the 608 Multidelay. The 608 is mind-boggling. It has up to 8 seconds of delay per channel. It also has an array of tap functions and filters for a tweaker's paradise. Additionally, It has a plus/minus 3-octave modulation section. Granted, some of this can be overwhelming if you do not have an understanding of the language of delay. However, there are many thoughtful and musical presets that exist for the casual user. For guitars parts, I often use the presets titled, Early Echoes and Liquid Wave.

Next up is the Lexicon PSP42 plug-in. This is a stunning replica of the classic Lexicon PCM42 delay unit. I was astonished how close this plug-in is to the real thing. The sounds are clear, smooth, and warm. It is extremely easy to tweak and has none of the noise and potential headaches associated with the original unit.

pspnitros.jpg The Nitro plug-in brings you to a completely different world. It is a guitarist dream, filled with a variety of filters and special effects. Many of the presets can be extreme while maintaining their musical usefulness. These presets truly inspire creativity from both a song writing and a mixdown environment. I love the presets titled, Phunky Worm and Are You Experienced?

The final plug-in set that I have been using is called Vintagewarmer. As many of you know, digital tracks can have a tendency to sound too clean or even sterile. The Vintagewarmer is your ticket to old school analog warmth. It makes my tracks more focused and realistic. I use the Vintagewarmer on many of electric and acoustic guitar tracks as well as bass, drums, and my overall mixes. May I dare say, it is a magic plug-in and is a huge part of my sonic arsenal.

PSP offers many other cutting edge plug-ins; you can read about them in detail on All of their plug-ins offer mono or stereo operation and they are real easy to install. Additionally, these plug-ins are not going to eat up your CPU performance in a big way, which is really important for my world. PSP gives useful PDF guides for each plug-in set that are clear and concise. Considering how useful and how cost effective these plug-ins are, I would say that they will pay for themselves many times over.

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