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October 25, 2020
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Wednesday, 11 June 2008 22:25
line6-podx3-live.jpgBy Ken Volpe - GJD
It is amazing how far technology has come in such a short time. I think that we all take this for granted or might I say, most of us are pretty darn spoiled in the gear department. In today’s world of music, a guitarist can have access to hundreds of useful sounds at a very modest price. Line 6 is a huge contributor to this phenomenon and continues to put out great products each and every year. The POD X3 Live is one of their latest offerings. The POD X3 Live is a guitar amp modeler that contains 78 guitar amp simulations and a plethra of digital effects.

Even though this device is called the POD X3 Live, it is equally as valuable in the studio. There are a number of ways to interface the POD X3 Live. Two options seem to really work for my needs. For a live situation, I ran the POD X3 right into a Mackie SRM 450 powered PA speaker. This gives me all the output and headroom I could ever need. I feel that this application is the most natural sonic environment to amplify the POD X3 internal sounds. I preferred this interfacing method as compared to plugging the POD X3 into my guitar amp. When playing the POD X3 through my guitar amp, the tones were a bit too bright for my ears.

The other application that I found useful is plugging the POD X3 straight into my DAW platform for recording. I have instant access to all my presets with no setup hassle. The result is high quality realistic guitar amp tones to embellish my latest songs.

Let me tell you about the build quality of the POD X3. This unit is built to last and can take a serious pounding. It has a sturdy housing, beefy switches, and a bullet proof display. It also has an array of firmly mounted inputs and outputs for just about any situation. All the features and functions are clearly labeled. To top it off, it looks really cool.

The POD X3 has many presets and options. Tweakers will be in heaven. On day one, I spent 3 hours with the POD X3 and I was only able to check out a handful of sounds. There are still many presets I have yet to explore. However, I did find 2 presets that I have adjusted to my taste and now have them in my arsenal. For serious lead gain sounds, the preset titled “Big Solo” really is a lot of fun. For a unique earthy clean tone, I am digging “Sideways Sky.” This clean preset is really dynamic and I use it in just about every genre that one could imagine. I also really had a blast hooking up an external expression pedal. With the expression pedal, on the fly, I can adjust just about any parameter that you can think of. I’m talking volume, gain, delay, etc. The expression pedal is a huge part of the POD X3 experience.

I have utilized my POD X3 for a variety of live gigs and recording sessions. It is lightweight, easy to use, very flexible, and sounds great. Will it completely replace my high-end amps? No way. But it is a really great go to option and it has already paid for itself twice over.

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