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October 19, 2020
Guitar Shredder Greg Howe Releases New Album PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 27 June 2008 14:22
soundproof_greghowe_cover.jpgHOLLYWOOD, CA -- On June 24th, Greg Howe released his latest studio album, Sound Proof, through Tone Center Records. Sound Proof holds a raw energy element as well as a more of a spontaneous quality to it. Keeping the music organic a lot of the material was assembled, and in some cases written, in the studio. "The guitar tone is definitely more edgy and organic sounding on this record," states Howe. "It's not quite as polite and compressed, but at the same time the overall sonic production is by far the best yet. It's a very modern production."

Wanting to connect the music with the masses, Howe's main focus for this record was to convey something that's relatable through the abstract language called music. "This time I really wanted to expand upon methods by experimenting more with sounds and tones as opposed to focusing primarily on intense composition and technique," explains Howe. "Of course there's still plenty of that to go around on this CD, but it's delivered in a more relaxed manner... this album is fun sounding... less urgent."

Howe was a leader in the shredding scene of the 90's before becoming one of the top jazz/fusion guitarists in the world and has influenced some of the most talented players on the scene today. His first record was critically acclaimed by the guitar cognoscenti and voted by readers of Guitar Player Magazine as one of the best two records of that year. Howe's solo albums have always been laden with musical integrity and have gained a significantly growing audience as the name Greg Howe has become synonymous with modern musical virtuosity.

Howe continues to prove that he truly is one of rock n' rolls most amazing and versatile guitarists. Being an enormously gifted player, Howe combines elements of rock, blues and Latin music with jazz influences resulting in a stylized fusion sound. This record's focus is Howe's highly technical, yet very melodic, guitar style that has established him as one of the most innovative guitar instrumentalists of our time and a true guitarist's guitarist. On Sound proof, Howe has assembled a hot band that has gelled together to create a freshly unified sound. This record is a veritable smorgasbord of hot chops as each player never fails to impress on these awesome jazz/rock/fusion compositions.

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