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October 21, 2020
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Monday, 14 July 2008 18:03
51biukwvjql._sl500_aa240_.jpgBy Scott Thomas - GJD Contributor
Summer 2008 is looking up for me already - I just got the new Panic Cell CD What Doesn't Kill Us, and let me tell you something; this album is going to be playing in my iPod for a while. I'll definitely be turning on my metal-head friends to this juggernaut while down at the Texas coast this summer. It's as if I want to carry my new band around with me like they are my own personal party friends, and I want to let everyone know about 'em. You know, wear your favorite band like a badge of honor.

I have never heard of this band before a month ago. I've listen to this CD about four times in two days and that's all I'm listening to right now. The music seems to get deeper and deeper after every listen. If you're a fan of Metallica, Megadeth, Mudvayne, and a Kerrang reading sledge head, then not having this album in your collection would simply be a crying shame.

There is no doubt that this band is going to higher places. They've been together since 2004 when debut their debut album Bitter Part of Me was released on Casket Records. They've toured with Bands like Disturbed, Children of Bodem, Primal Fear, Breed 77, Life of Agony, Drowning Pool, and have been featured in all the major music metal / guitar magazines in the UK and Europe like Rock Sound Mag, Guitarist Magazine, and many more. I wish I had a sponsorship with Jagermeister TOO.

As for the powerful new songs you ask? I can tell you this much, there is really no pigeon holing these UK mates. With award-winning producers, new management/booking, a new label, the energy level and eagerness of this band to break through to the US Market is definitely evident while listening to these new songs. Awesome tunes like 'Stare Into Oblivion', 'Calm', and 'Dead to Me' really illustrates Panic Cell's hammering and riff-pounding writing style. Songs 'Human Tarmac', 'Fallen', and 'Hillbilly' are more in the hard rock vein. At the same time, 'Force Down', 'Bleed To This' and 'Walk Away' show a very melodic side of the band while still keeping to their hard-hitting roots. And last but not least for sure, 'Soul Purge'... Now this song is the most orchestrated on the album. Every Metal album has to have their rock ballad, and I guess this would be it. Kind of like a "Luv Hurts" type song from the ol' school metal band Nazareth This CD has got it all. Such as: great vocals, awesome guitar playing, phenomenal percussions, and lets not forget the pictorial and lyrical themes. The guitar players are definitely top-notch musicians who will serve up a slew of assaults on your aural senses. Besides, endorsees of ESP Guitars may give you a hint of their guitar proficiency. Their guitar amp tones, courtesy of Peavey and Framus are fat and crunchy. My Favorite Songs on the album would have to be ''Fallen" & 'Stare Into Oblivion'. However, all the songs are tight, percussive, and last but not least "Entertaining!" One thing that makes these guys stand out is that they take the Classic Rock Sound and combine it with tomorrows Nu-Jump Metal Antics.

Panic Cell are: Luke Bell (Vocals), Kelly Downes (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Harj Virdee (Guitar/Screamz), Bobby Town (Bass), Rob Hicks (Drums)


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