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October 29, 2020
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Wednesday, 06 August 2008 01:40
soulsofwe.jpgBy Scott Thomas - GJD Contributor
Well, here I am again at the pleasurable task of bringing you another informative CD review. I was on MySpace and I came across this band called Souls Of We and I noticed it was legendary Guitarist George Lynch's new band. So I ordered it and waited patiently. I just got the CD in the mail and I'm feverishly tearing at the plastic seal trying to get the autographed album free from its tight packaging. I had listening to the short clips on MySpace which only give you a small taste... Not even enough to wet your whistle. I wanted more and now I have it!!

The collective foursome known as Souls Of We marks a new beginning for veteran guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) and Charismatic frontman London Legrand (Brides Of Destruction). Rounding out the line-up is powerhouse drummer Yael (Tom Morello, Alex Skolnick) and bassist Johny Chow (Systematic, Fireball Ministry).  "Souls Of We is a dream band where I got to pick and choose players not because one is more famous than the other, but because I really respect and want to play with these people", states Lynch.
Once again, I pop a new CD to review into my favorite player and out comes the beautiful sounds of an acoustic guitar being lightly played, and at the same time setting you up for a warm melody line backed by the rest of this killer band. Oh Yeah! I'm really grooving on this first song "Everything I Want" ...  organic indeed. London Legrand has got a unique rock voice and it's very enjoyable to listen too. His understands how to animate his vocals for the song with reflective lyrics and great singing dynamics. The chorus line is very catchy with great guitar hooks and flashy guitar soloing from the true master Mr. Scary himself. The music sounds tight, fresh and right at home with my aural senses on the first listen. This opening tune has great potential for a summer '08 chart topping hit on rock radio. If this first song is a hint of what's to come... I'm in business.

Lynch and Legrand originally started crafting the cleverly written songs that would ultimately make up "Let The Truth Be Known" four years ago.  However, the project was temporarily put on hold for a couple of years while Mr. Lynch worked on various projects and Legrand joined Brides Of Destruction, the band featuring Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue and Traci Gunns from LA Guns.  After the Brides split, Legrand and Lynch rekindled their partnership and finished work on their most ambitious project yet. "Let The Truth Be Known" was self produced in various studios around LA and mixed by Mudrock (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack).

As I listened to the rest of the Album, I couldn't help but think that this band doesn't really sound like any other band out there I can think of... It sounds like furious George has found his true calling. Lynch goes on to say, "We were just doing demos and making the music that we wanted to make. There was no one looking over our shoulders and no deadlines."

This crew's explosive debut effort, "Let The Truth Be Known" is a modern rock album that can't be put to any time or genre.  From nasty fueled rockers ("Push It", "Come and Go") to songs about bad decisions, deceit, and drug addiction ("January"), these guys are keeping the flame alive for new and exciting rock n roll music.  My favorite song on this eclectic mix of music is the spine tingling rocker Ghandi's Got A Gun.  There is not a weak song on this project. As always it is great to hear George's great guitar tones with new ideas.

I Highly Recommend this CD for Mass Consumption.

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