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October 25, 2020
Jensen Adds Blackbird 10" Speaker to Jet Series PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 August 2008 01:46

Jensen Musical Instrument Speakers is announced their latest addition to the Jensen Jet series, the 10”version of the Blackbird. The 10” Blackbird tone is extremely warm and smooth with a very rich, fat low end and sparkling highs.


The 12” Blackbird was introduced last year as the first in the Jensen Jet line and it quickly became known as one of the greatest speakers ever made. Art Thompson from Guitar Player called it “Tight and Focused”. The 12” has taken the world by storm with its modern acclaimed tone. The 10” simply follows its path with 100 watts of pure Alnico power. 


The Jet Series speakers fill the gap in the current speaker market. The Series currently includes the original 12” Blackbird, the recently released 12” Tornado (“light and articulate” sound) and now with the 10” Blackbird, Jensen continues its tradition of giving the player what they are asking for in tone.   

The Jensen/SICA factory in Italy is leading the way in new speaker design with great tone. With the focus on allowing the player to achieve his/her signature sound, more Jensen Jet series speaker designs are on the horizon.

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Source: Jensen


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