Solid Cables Redefines Instrument Cable Standards Print
Saturday, 20 September 2008 02:39
Solid Cables™ has redefined instrument cable standards by officially releasing the Dynamic Arc Ultra™ to market. The Dynamic Arc Ultra™ cable is designed to be the toughest, best sounding cable in the world. Made for the musician with a critical ear and a desire for quality, holding these cables in your hands lets you know that Solid Cables™ stands behind exactly what their name implies.

The Dynamic Arc Ultra™ reveals a whole new level of tone to your instrument that lesser cables have been hiding. The Dynamic Ultra Arc™ transfers exceptional bass tone and increased accurate articulation in the upper frequency ranges.  It reveals your instruments true character. Smearing, dullness and muddy tone are now a thing of the past. Players using this cable find that their 'old' amplifier tone settings are overcompensating for their low output cables.

"I am a cable fanatic and this is the very best, brightest, fullest and loudest one I’ve come across in all my travels…I was really blown away!” – Carl Verheyen
Features of the Ultra Arc are:
-lifetime warranty
-woven braid outer shielding
-triple strain relief
-all metal satin nickel die cast shell
-Amphenol connectors
-6000 PSI tear resistant protective outer armor
-triple carbon/braid internal shielding
-all contact surfaces atmospheric oxidation/contaminant cleaned and lubricated with audiophile grade metal preservation
-hand soldered using premium grade silver alloy solder
-aerospace quality oxygen free copper conductor
-prices start at $135.95 USD
-available is assorted lengths

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Source: Solid Cables