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October 19, 2020
2009 Winter NAMM Wrap-up: Part 2 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 January 2009 11:54
By Ken Volpe - GJD
Earlier in Part 1, I mentioned that I was going to talk about the current retro craze that has been sweeping the industry for the last few years.  So, let me get into that.  You have all these companies making guitars with blemishes so they will look “old school.”  You have Amp and Pedal companies trying to create the tones of days gone by.  You have Pro Audio companies producing hardware and software to simulate analog tape saturation.  The list goes on and on…. Yes, I know that a lot of these products have been around awhile but it is increasing with each passing year.  That is another great thing about attending NAMM; you can really take the pulse of the industry.

Part of me thinks that the newer technology should be good enough in it’s own realm; but it’s never been the case.  Our ears tell the truth.  If this truth did not exist then this whole retro age would not exist.  Have you ever asked yourselves why are we going backwards?  And more importantly why are we not paying enough attention to the struggling music industry itself? 

Let’s be honest, the sale of CDs have gone done at an alarming rate.  Studio work for musicians and engineers is rare at best.  And more clubs and music stores are closing down each month. You might think this is happening because of the economy but I don’t believe that to be the case since this trend began when the economy was on an upswing.  So, what is the primary cause for the depletion within the music industry?

The obvious answer… The Computer.  It is the ultimate dichotomy.  On one hand it is so wonderful for the production of music, information about anything related to music, and the way we communicate music.  But on the other hand, it promotes constant theft of music, can make music sound sterile, and has put many artists out of work.  In addition, the worst sin of the computer is the fact that it has the ability to destroy true human creativity.  You can download, upload, auto tune, quantize, cut and paste, do infinite takes, and so on.  If those aren’t creative crutches, then I don’t know what is. 

You and I can debate this back and forth but I encourage you to sit back and really think about how the computer has affected the music industry, not to mention every other area of our lives.  Now that I’ve said all that, I must be honest. Could I live without a computer?  No Way!  Are you reading this article because of a computer?  Absolutely!


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