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October 29, 2020
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Wednesday, 01 April 2009 02:48
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Jackson has announced the Jackson Bloodline Tour at local music stores throughout the United States featuring “Metal Master Classes” with Jackson’s own Chris Cannella.

Cannella is not only Jackson’s Product Manager and Artist Relations representative, but also a formidably-talented guitarist, songwriter and vocalist who wields his many Jackson guitar models in his North American metal band Autumn’s End.

Despite his intense and intimidating appearance, Cannella is a soft-spoken walking encyclopedia of metal in general and Jackson in particular.  Musicians and music fans are invited to join Chris as he demonstrates and explains his lightening-fast guitar techniques, not by using his own gear, but rather whatever’s in the store at the time.  Additionally, he’ll provide sound advice and overall guitar setup tips and tricks.

Cannella will also explain Jackson’s dark yet colorful past; explain the brand’s unique Bloodline and genre-defining, groundbreaking firsts—such as the advent of the original Rhoads guitar, insane custom paint jobs, and compound radius fingerboards.  He’ll show how Jackson can find a home in other musical genres, share a little music theory, and discuss soloing styles and speed.  Through all of it, he’ll open the floor to answer any questions attendees might have regarding Jackson and all-things metal.

The Jackson Bloodline Tour takes place at the following Jackson dealers:

April 23                  Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.                          Leitz Music

April 24                  Port Richey, Fla.                                   Encore Music

April 25                  Rochester, N.Y.                                     House of Guitars

May 6                     Tuscaloosa, Ala.                                    Guitar Gallery

May 7                     Gulfport, Miss.                                      Magnolia Music

May 8                     Ruston, La.                                             Piney Hills Music

May 9                     Ruston, La.                                             Piney Hills Music

June 4                    Riverside, Calif.                                     Wild West Guitars

June 5                    Los Angeles                                           West L.A. Music

June 6                    San Diego                                              Guitar Trader

June 24                  Brownsburg, Ind.                                  R&R Music

June 25                  Muncie, Ind.                                          Sight & Sound Music Center

June 26                  Fort Wayne, Ind.                                  Sweetwater Sound

June 27                  Fort Wayne, Ind.                                  Sweetwater Sound

“I can’t wait to kick-off the Jackson Bloodline Tour,” said Cannella.  “These won’t be your typical ‘run-of-the-mill’ clinics where one person plays, talks, and then answers questions before he or she leaves.  These are interactive ‘Metal Master Classes.’  We’ll focus on how to: get your playing up-to-serious-speed, get your tone dialed-in, write and record in the studio, and survive life on the road.  But most importantly, the Jackson Bloodline Tour is all about LIVING IT!"

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