Live Review: Brad Paisley - American Saturday Night Tour - Comcast Theatre Hartford, Connecticut: 6/13/09 Print
Tuesday, 16 June 2009 10:17
By Ken Volpe – GJD Contributor
One of the great things about Country music is that many of the artists are great singers as well as great guitar players. This seems to be somewhat absent these days in Rock and Pop music. Yes, there are exceptions in the world of Rock and Pop but the ratio still favors those on the Country music scene.  Brad Paisley certainly fits that bill with excellent vocal abilities and blazing guitar parts.
This is the third time that I have witnessed a live concert with Brad and his band.  To my ears they seem to be getting even better. The band is fuller and tighter sounding and Mr. Paisley himself has taken it to a higher level.  Another observation on my part was how the engineers really had the sound system dialed in and the video production was a perfect match for the music.
From a guitarist's standpoint, you really get to see Brad's versatility and dynamics throughout the night.  He plays a slew of Crook guitars and a wall of amplifiers and speaker cabinets courtesy of Tony Bruno Custom Amps and Dr. Z amplification.  Brad's guitar tones really cut through the mix and blend perfectly with the band.  Another thing that is very cool is how Brad is almost constantly moving around the stage while maintaining his composure with his vocals and his guitar.  That is the mark of a true entertainer.
The entire show was comprised of about 20 tunes.  From what I recall the band cranked out about 5 or 6 cuts from his newest release coming out at the end of this month.  I must say, his compositions seem to evolve with every CD and there is hardly a hint of repetition or stagnation. As the concert progressed, one thing that I noticed was an apparent ebb and flow in the song choices which helped me to retain my interest and made it that much more enjoyable. His newly expanded band really seemed focused and each member seemed to be having a blast.
Allow me to get specific about some of my favorite songs of the evening.  Early on the band played the title cut from his upcoming release American Saturday Night. The tune was full of energy and I bet that it will be a big hit for Brad.  A bit further along Brad and his boys did an amazing version of Waiting on a Woman.  His vocals were so strong and his guitar sounds were to die for.  Soon after they played a great version of one of my favorites, Catch All the Fish.  I especially loved the video and the humor that goes along with that song. Towards the end of the night the band busted out 2 BP classics, Ticks and Alcohol.  For their final encore they covered Boys of Summer with an awesome extended jam at the end.
My friends Christy and Britt and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Afterwards we went back stage to say Hi to Brad and the band.  I must tell you that Brad and his entire crew are some of the nicest and most down-to-earth folks you will ever meet.  I was also struck once again about how much Brad cares about his fans.  He really gives them what they want and at the same time does what he was born to do.  His appeal is very authentic and I believe that is why his fans relate to his music.  It is no surprise that Mr. Paisley's success continues to grow.

Do yourself a favor; go get yourself some tickets to the next Brad Paisley Concert… You’ll have yourself a good ole’ time.