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October 31, 2020
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The Master and The Musician 30th Anniversary Tour - Live Concert DVD PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 November 2008 03:41
By Ken Volpe - GJD
GuitarJamDaily is proud to be a friend of Phil Keaggy and we are thrilled to present to you this exclusive footage from Phil’s 30th Anniversary Tour, “The Master and The Musician.”

It was released last month and this once-in-a-lifetime DVD captures the amazing live performance of one of Phil Keaggy's most classic albums.  The first part of this DVD is a performance of all of the songs from the album, with Phil backed by an amazing 6 piece band - Tom Shinness, Bryan Lautenbach, Melissa Lautenbach, Joel Jimenez, Ric Hordinski, and John Sferra.

The second part features live performances of some of Phil's classic songs, such as Let Everything Else Go, Time, Love Broke Thru, What A Day, and many more. This DVD was filmed on May 17, 2008 in Joppa, MD.  For those of you who weren't able to catch one of the live shows, this DVD captures the essence of being there.  And for those of you who were able to be there, this DVD is a great remembrance of a magical evening.

Also on this DVD are special bonus features with performances from the other band members, and a special video montage made by Phil with some never before seen videos and photos. This is a must have for any Keaggy fan, and for anyone wanting to get introduced to Phil's music.
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Solid Cables Tie Up Carl Verheyen PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 02:29
Solid Cables has officially signed up Carl Verheyen as its latest endorsement.
During a period where other companies may become reserve and/or panic in response to overall economic indicators, Solid Cables is adamantly moving forward and conquering new ground. Hand crafting instrument cables using only the finest quality materials, Solid Cables products are built to last and outperform all others. They truly do live up to their name.  So much in fact, they offer a lifetime warranty on all of them.
“I am a cable fanatic and this is the very best, brightest, fullest and loudest one I’ve come across in all my travels…I was really blown away!” – Carl Verheyen
Artist Interview: Prashant Aswani on The Jamcast - Session 1 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 02:09
In Session 1 of  our Artist Interview, GJD's Ken Volpe talks with guitarist Prashant Aswani about how he got started in music by playing the Tabla, an Indian percussion instrument. He also talks about his influences on the guitar and about his studies at Berklee School of Music. After that he gives some insight into how he developed his amazing chops.

Enjoy Session One with Prashant Aswani >

Pro Shop: The Context of Modes PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 November 2008 01:32
By Carl Verheyen - GJD Contributor
As many of you already know from listening to my music, my improvising concept is totally based on the use of intervals and melodic material to create lines. The more lines you have in different major, minor or dominant keys, the more money in the bank you have to draw on when improvising in those keys. Stringing together the lines you’ve worked out is step one in an improvised solo.  To paraphrase John McLaughlin: “We play the things we know until we’re warmed up and in the groove enough to play the things we don’t know.”  This is when the incredible, soaring feeling of complete control as well as reckless abandon takes over.

But how do we apply these personally composed and fingered lines to music, especially music that asks us to improvise over a series of chord changes? That’s where the modes come into play.  And for me it all comes down to one important concept: CONTEXT.

Let’s start with the Dorian mode. This is a minor scale based on the second degree of a major key. That means in the key of C major, we begin on D, the second note of the scale and play only the notes in the key of C, but from D to D. The scale turns out to be D E F G A B C D and with a minor 3rd it is definitely minor. It’s all the white notes on a piano, beginning on D.   

For the sake of example, transpose this scale to A minor Dorian mode.  We get A to A in the key of G because the A is the second degree in the G major scale. The scale is A B C D E F# G A.  Here is where my concept of context begins to make sense. That scale works great for chords that are diatonic to the key of G major. An easy way to understand the word diatonic is to apply the meaning “built from.” Chords that are diatonic to a certain mother key are simply stacks of notes built from the mother key’s scale, usually in 3rds.  The A minor Dorian mode works perfectly well over progressions like the following because all the chords are diatonic to the mother key of G major.
I: Am7  I  D7  I Am7 I  D7 :I
I: Am7   I  Bm7   I   C     I D7   :I

I first learned this scale back in high school listening to the Allman Brothers Band playing “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” and the Doors long version of “Light My Fire.”  I had no idea that the G major scale (when harmonized in 3rds) would yield the chords Gmaj7 Am7  Bm7  Cmaj7  D7  Em7  F#m7b5 and Gmaj7. Eventually however, I figured it out and all of a sudden I realized I was playing over changes, even though they were all in the same key.

So now I have this cool Am scale that sounds great over those chords. But then I heard Jimmy Page play the solo on “Stairway to Heaven” and I realized that, even though the solo was in A minor, the context had changed so radically that my Am Dorian mode didn’t work. The chord changes he plays over are:
I: Am  G  I F / / /  I  Am  G  I F / / / :I
The big old glaring F# note, the 6th of my new found Am Dorian mode scale clashed terribly with the F chord in bar 2 of the progression. Clearly it was the wrong scale to play.
At that point I found there were other modes, and the next most important minor mode was the Aeolian mode or natural minor. This mode comes from the 6th degree of a major scale and is built off the relative minor of a major key. So in the key of C major, follow your fingers up to the 6th degree of the scale and you’ll land on an A. The Aeolian Mode (or natural minor as it is also called) is simply A to A in the key of C. You get:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  A.  Notice that the 6th degree in this scale is an F natural, not an F#.  Also notice that each of the chords in the above “Stairway to Heaven” progression are spelled out with within this scale:  A C E is the A minor triad, G B D is the G triad and F A C is the F triad. This is the scale Jimmy Page uses for his classic solo. 
Jimmy was a very accomplished studio musician before starting Led Zeppelin and his knowledge of music theory was obviously quite advanced. Whether he related his lines to the mother key and consciously played off the VI,  V and IV chords in the key of C is anybody’s guess.  Your ears tell you immediately that the Am Aeolian mode is right, and I believe that’s what music theory is for: To explain why the things you do that sound good…….sound good!
I believe it is essential that every serious musician spends the short time it takes to harmonize the major scales in all 12 keys. You should instantly know that the VI chord in Db is a Bbm7 and the III chord in B is a D#m7.  It will raise the level of all aspects of your musicianship: Ear training, improvisation, transposition, transcribing, songwriting and even song memorization. Next month I’ll tell you how to take 1 hour and go through the entire process in all 12 keys. It is the best thing you can do for yourself to better understand music theory as it applies to the guitar.

Gear Review: Skreddy Echo Pedal PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 15 November 2008 00:53
By Ken Volpe - GJD
There is nothing like a great EFX pedal to enhance your sound.  Actually, let me restate that: there is nothing like a great EFX pedal to enhance your sound that can do it in both a subtle or drastic way.  The Skreddy Echo Pedal fulfills that requirement.

The Skreddy Echo is a lush, tape-like, saturated delay with adjustable warble.  It features great classic tape delay tones that give you that vintage sound.  It can also be tweaked to sound like a more modern sounding delay. 

It features a Repeat control, a Mix control, a Time control, and two Warble controls.  So let me tell you a little bit about these controls in greater detail.  The Repeat control allows you to pick the number of times the echo is repeated after the first echo.  This is a very useful feature that one should spend time with to dial it in properly.  The Mix control allows you to dial in the perfect amount of wet or dry signal.  This is a simple but amazing feature.  As I alluded to earlier, this pedal has the ability to be very subtle or very drastic.  This control instantly allows you to enter either territory.  The Time control sets the delay time from 50ms to 650ms.  Once again, you will need to dial this in to suit your needs.  The last two controls are the Warble intensity and the Warble rate.  These two controls give you the ability to create some really cool pitch shift effects. 
Artist Interview: Alvin Youngblood Hart on The Jamcast - Session 2 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 14 November 2008 02:09
In Part 2 of our Artist Interview, GJD's Clif Taylor raps with guitar great Alvin Youngblood Hart. They discuss his current gear and how he makes it work for him. Alvin also talks about his musical influences from his teen years like The Beatles, Thin Lizzy, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Sly & TFS, and Jimmy Reed.

Enjoy Session 2 with Alvin Youngblood Hart ! >

CD Review: Social Code – He Said, She Said PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 13 November 2008 02:35
By Tyler Bothe – GJD Contributor
Edmonton's own Social Code recently recorded the follow-up to their 2004 small hit 'A Year at the Movies,’ and with tours alongside bands like Rise Against, Fall Out Boy, and Deftones in support of that album, they've cultivated a following that will most likely snatch up their latest release He Said, She Said instantly. 

Nowadays recording is less of a chore for these boys up north as they have, since their last release, gutted the basement of bassist Logan Jacob's home for a studio of their own and not lost a drop of production value in the process.  Now, while the band itself had help on this five track EP by long vetted producer Howard Benson, (Hawthorne Heights, My Chemical Romance) and others, the band has seemed to find its groove by taking the reigns on its latest release. 
Pro Shop: In My Studio PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 November 2008 03:24
By Phil Keaggy - GJD Contributor
Hi Friends.

In this column, I’d like to write about the process of recording/producing in my little studio, especially on the most recent projects I’ve released this past year. This is not for the purpose of personal promotion, but rather a way to show how I go through the process. Actually, there is really no one way I do things. Each project—an instrumental one as opposed to a vocal project, for example—calls for different methods.

One of the projects that I worked on recently was the re- release of my 1978 album, The Master and The Musician. I have a few of the tracks from the album on two-inch tape. However, a vital reel went a-missing—someone has it somewhere!
Who’s Making Your Money Part III: Manufacturing PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 10 November 2008 18:42
By John McGlasson - GJD Contributor
In part three of this four-part series, we’ll look at album manufacturing.

When I first signed a bunch of artists, I planned a single release date for almost all of them. I’d recently had an investor put up the cash I’d need, so, assuming things would be the way they’d always been in the music biz up to that point, I decided to press a lot of each title so I could get a cheaper price per CD, under the (previously) safe assumption that I wasn’t pressing more than I could sell over a year or two. Then the physical retail end of the CD business tanked.

Now I have thousands of CDs I’m not likely ever to sell, and thousands more stuck in the retail distribution trap that I may or may not ever be paid for. Yes, I got them for .84 each, but that means nothing when I have a mountain of them taking up my storeroom and in warehouse limbo across the US, which can be returned to our former distributor anytime and subtracted from what they owe us. I’d be better off having pressed half as many at the normal rate of around $1.45e for a jewel case with 2-panel insert and having sold out, or nearly sold out of them.
CD Review: Vernon Neilly & Friends : A Tribute to Stevie Wonder PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 November 2008 23:29
By Scott Thomas - GJD Contributor
Smoothie Award winning jazz guitarist Vernon Neilly’s new CD - featuring the Legendary Hit Maker Stevie Wonder’s music - is chocked full of Wonder’s hit songs and has got to be one of the best Tribute CDs I’ve heard in a long while. The album reeks of Pure Class. Vernon has out done himself with the arrangements, recording, and engineering of this sweet music. The record label owner and producer has taken those celebrated hits and has made them flawlessly and collectively all his own.

I remember it was still winter in Upstate New York and we had just had a late winter snow storm (March ‘77). The snow was 4 foot deep everywhere... no kiddin’! After ol’ man winter hit again, the only way to get around for a few days was with a snow mobile. And talk about freakin’ cold!!! However, as soon as the roads were drivable, my uncle (who was only a few years older than me) drove up from Norfolk, Virginia Naval Base for the weekend to take care of family business (he was a young sailor in the navy at the time).. While he was there on furlough, he asked me if I wanted to go to back with him to Norfolk for a couple of weeks and it was just in time for my two week spring break from school. I was 15 at the time and he was 18... You betcha. To my amazement, my mother said GO! He had to come back to New York to finish his family business in a couple of weeks anyway.
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Daily Video Lesson

Daily Video Lesson
  • 02:41 - 01.10.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    A five week long, cross-country tour featuring some of the best known and most respected figures in rock and blues has been set to celebrate the legacy and music of Jimi Hendrix. Presented by Experience Hendrix, L.L.C., the Hendrix family-owned company founded by James A. “Al” Hendrix, Jimi’s father, entrusted with preserving and protecting the legacy of Jimi Hendrix together with musical instrument giant Gibson Guitar, this year’s Experience Hendrix Tour represents a dramatic expansion beyond last year’s seven sold out performances.

    Featured artists who will be performing music written by and associated with Jimi Hendrix include blues giant Buddy Guy, contemporary guitar greats Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Eric Johnson, Cesar Rojas and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos as well as Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford.
  • 01:53 - 26.09.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) and Italian distributor M.Casale Bauer proudly announce the grand opening of the Fender Custom Shop Showcase Italy. It is the third such international exclusive Fender guitar destination, joining the elite Fender Custom Shop Lounge (Düsseldorf, Germany) and Fender Showcase Tokyo (Japan).

    The Fender Custom Shop Showcase Italy is in Bologna, Italy, and is housed in a building by California-born Italian designer Gretchen Alexander. The showroom is located near the offices of M. Casale Bauer, Fender’s Italian distributor since 1962, and was created to provide Fender dealers, their special guests and artists with a comfortable place to find, try and buy some of the most beautiful guitars in today’s market. The showcase features an impressive array of high-end guitars crafted by the master builders of the Fender Custom Shop and provides artists and dealers (and their VIP clients) with access to some of the most unique high-end Fender instruments ever made available in one place. The showroom houses an unparalleled selection of Fender Custom Shop instruments, as well as Bauer’s personal collection, one of the largest and most valuable in the world.
  • 03:41 - 23.09.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    Los Angeles, CA – World-renowned Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel will  release Center Stage, a live concert DVD on October 14th via Favored Nations Acoustic.  
    The full-length concert DVD follows the recent release of the Center Stage  double CD, both having been recorded live for the PBS television series “Sierra Center Stage.” Filmed in eye-catching high definition, every element of modern technology was used in production, creating a stunning package, both aurally
    and visually. 
  • 00:09 - 19.09.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    Montreal, Canada- September 16th, 2008: Renowned guitarist Daryl Stuermer will be giving Godin Performance Clinics in and around Quebec and Eastern Ontario from September 29th to October 3rd 2008.

    Having performed in studio and toured the world with both Phil Collins and supergroup Genesis for years, Daryl is a player who is on top of his game and has the chops to prove it. Performing as the Daryl Stuermer Duo, he will be accompanied by keyboardist Konstantin Efimov during the clinics and will also be giving attendees his perspective on playing live, recording, technique, and his gear, by fielding a Q&A session after each performance.
  • 09:29 - 03.06.2008 Spotlight >> Spotlight
    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (June 2, 2008) -- Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) announced today that it has acquired certain assets of Groove Tubes LLC. Among other assets, FMIC purchased the Groove Tubes brand. Groove Tubes company founder Aspen Pittman will continue in a consulting role.